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How to add my Drugs

You can Add new Drugs in My List in Clinicea from EMR.
Example: If You want to prescribe Zaroxolyn 2.5mg which is not there in your Inventory master list. Then let us have a look at how to add the new Drug to My List.


To add Drugs to My List, you must use a case sheet that has the Clinical Section for recording Treatment, enabled.

1. Select a Patient and open up the Patient Medical Chart. Scroll Down to the Treatment/Rx section or simply click on Treatment from the bookmark section**.** This opens the Treatment section automatically on the right.

2. Search for Inventory which you want to Prescribe under My List. If the Inventory is not available then the system will automatically prompt that Do you want to add this as a new Item along with an option to Add this also to Patient Current Rx. If you want to add the new drug to the patient’s prescription then it should be switched to Yes else No. Click OK once done.

3. If the switch to Add this also to Patient Current Rx is Yes, then the system will ask about the Protocols for the New Rx. Enter the details and click on Save.

4. Once saved the Drug gets added to the current visit and also listed under Pharmacy along with the Protocol you have set.

Updated on: 07/06/2023

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