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How to setup and assign an Immunisation Schedule for a Patient

This article will show you how to update your inventory with vaccines, combine them in an Immunisation Schedule and assign it to a Patient. Once done, Clinicea will auto-remind Parents to come in with their child for the shots as they fall due, update Patient’s Immunisation History and make tracking Immunisations easy.

**Step 1: First we need to update our inventory with the Vaccines we want to include in our Immunisation Schedule/Plan.**

1. Go Inventory | +New Inventory.

2. An Inventory Details window will open | fill in all fields | select Immunisation as the category from the drop-down menu under Select or Type to add a Category click on the +button | Save.

3. The Immunisation Item has been created. To view, go to Tools | Inventory | search for the Immunisation Item in the Inventory List.

**Step 2: Let us have a look at how to set up an Immunisation Schedule.**

1. Go to Tools | Immunisation Schedule | ‘**+’** to Add a New Schedule.

2. An Immunisation window will open | type in Immunisation Name | select Schedule Starts From, from the drop-down menu.

Either select Date of Assignment, which is the Date on which the first dose is given or select Date of Birth, if the first dose was given to the Patient during infancy.

In this case Date of Assignment has been selected. | click on +Add Immunisation to add Immunisation Items.

3. A Search Immunisation Item section will open on the right-hand side of the page | search or select Immunisation Item by clicking on the +button beside the Immunisation Item name | fill in the Interval, which is the time frame between the Date of Assignment and the next dosage.

Clinicea automatically calculates the due dates for each Immunisation Item | Save.

4. The Immunisation Schedule has been Saved. To view, go to Tools | Immunisation Schedule and Search.

**Step 3: Now Let us have a look at how to assign an Immunisation Schedule to a Patient.**

1. Select a Patient and open Patient Chart | click on Case Sheets and select the Immunisation Schedule case sheet.

2. Click on +Immunisation Schedule | click on the +button beside the Immunisation Schedule name under Add Immunisation on the right-hand side of the page | Save.

The Immunisation Schedule has been Saved to the Patient Chart.

3. To mark an Immunisation Item as complete, open the Patient Chart | click on the three vertical dots icon beside the individual Immunisation Item. Example: Tetanus Toxide.

4. The Immunisation Item- Tetanus Toxide 1 window will open | Status, select Completed from the drop-down menu | Site, select from the drop-down menu where on the body the immunization was taken | Save.

5. Once you mark one Immunisation Item as complete and save it, when you go back to the Patient Chart it will appear as Completed under Immunisation Schedule. The next due date will also appear on the right side of the page, under Patient Summary.

In order to auto-create appointments for scheduled immunizations, a Clinical Preference must be switched ON. For more information please have a look at How to set up Clinical Preferences in EMR

1. When an Immunisation Schedule is Saved to the Patient Chart, Clinicea auto-creates Appointments for each Immunisation Item on the scheduled due dates. Also, Clinicea auto- sends Appointment Reminders before each of the scheduled appointments. For Example, one of the due dose for Tetanus is on the 27th December 2019, an Appointment has been automatically created for the 27th December 2020.

Updated on: 16/06/2023

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