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How to use Medical Imaging

We have in-built Imaging Editor. It lets you scan in images, upload images, annotate and draw on images and more. Let us see how it works.

1. Select a Patient and open up the Patient Chart | go to the toolbar on the top left and click on Imaging.

2. The Imaging window will open. Click on New | Blank Picture button on the top, to add an image from your device. You can also choose to take the picture directly using the camera on the device Clinicea is being used like a Tablet/Laptop or load an image from the Clinicea Library. The images in the library would be default images that would have been uploaded as part of system images(for more info please check this link How to Add System Images). This also adds the image to the Patient’s Chart.

3. Once the image is added, you can now draw on the image by selecting the preferred shape from the Draw Button, options being Pencil, Line, and Rectangle and by picking a color from the color palette which is available when you click the Color button.

4. You can use Annotation to enter any text. Just click on the Annotation button and you will see the cursor changing to a “+”. Now click on the region that you want to annotate.

5. As soon as you click the region to annotate, an Annotation window opens. Choose the text size and color and enter the desired text. Click Apply.

6. The Annotation will appear on the exact spot where you had clicked. If you want to remove all markings then simply click on the Clear All Button.

7. You can also label the image as Before/After treatment image by clicking on the icon on the top of the imaging window.

8. Clicking the Details Tab provides you an area where you can associate extra information with this image e.g. category, date and time, file name, comments, and Tags. Add the required information and click on Save. This gets saved in the library. If you want to set this image to pop up in Medical Summary each time you open the Patient’s Chart, simply click on the Pin icon besides Details. This will also set the image as a default.

9. You can compare pictures taken during the course of the treatment, click on Compare. You can compare up to 4 images at a time, the current image and an additional 3 other images from your Image Library. To access the Library**,** please click on the Library button on the right of the Imaging page. The Library contains all common images from Clinic’s library as well as any earlier images you have saved for the Patient.

Updated on: 15/06/2023

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