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How to setup Clinical Preferences in EMR

Clinicea has one of the most powerful EMR Modules that can be customized to your workflow. Let us go over the various preferences that let you customize the EMR module.


To access the clinical preferences go to Tools | Organization | Select Clinical under preferences.


Show Growth Chart: Switch this on only if you deal with children and need to see their growth charts. Useful for Pediatrics.

Billing guideline for a patient visit: You can add a threshold amount for billing a patient, in this field. On check out, a bill estimate page opens and if this estimate is more than the threshold set, the icon changes its color to red.

Auto-generate sample reference collection number: You can set up an auto-generated Reference number for all Samples you collect for an Investigation.

Open Bill on EMR Checkout: This feature opens Patient Bill as the Doctor clicks on Check Out.

Visits and Documents need to be Signed by a Service Provider: This preference must be switched on if non-service providers of the Clinic create visits and notes for the Patient but these documents must be verified and signed by a Services Provider. Useful for Aesthetic clinics.

Continue the previous visit of a Patient on the same day: This preference is for the triage and Physician notes are recorded as 2 separate activities by 2 different providers. With this preference on, both are combined and logged as a single activity. The activity is logged under the name of Service Provider who last edited the visit.

Default Select in Medical Summary: You can also set what section of the Medical Summary to be displayed as soon as you open the Patient’s EMR. You can choose anyone from the 3 sections available in the dropdown list to be displayed. These are Progress Indicators, Immunization, and Past Notes.


Auto calculate duration of each Rx based on interval period between Now and the Next Appointment- This option auto-calculates the total quantity of Rx required for a Patient, based on the Frequency and duration of the Rx prescribed between the Patient’s current visit and next visit.

Display Rx prices in Formulary: When selecting brands from Formulary, the practitioner can also see the estimated price of each brand.

Make Rx Instructions Specific to Practitioner: With this preference on, all Rx instructions are saved as favorites for each Practitioner. No two practitioners will have access to the other’s instructions apart from the common instructions.

Default Layout for Dosage and Frequency in Rx: You can choose from 2 options available as your default layout for dosage and frequency. You can either combine the dosage and frequency with Morning, Afternoon and Evening option or the layout where dosage and frequency are already separate.


Auto Create Appointments for assigned Scheduled Immunizations: If you want Clinicea to auto-create Appointments when an Immunization schedule is assigned to a Patient, check this preference on.


You can rename the File No: field by changing it here ex: MRN or Case No: This is the Patient File Number maintained by the clinic. If you want to call it an MRN/Case Number or anything else you can rename it here.

Auto Generate File No: You can check on this Preference to auto-generate Patient File Numbers.

Generate the File No. at this point: Select an option from the drop-down. For example, Auto-generate file no only after Payment.

*_File No. Settings:
_Auto Generate File No: Centrally (useful for Clinic Chains only)
Include Organization Code** if necessary.
Prefix with a code of choice: If you want to maintain a clinic code or have alpha-numeric Patient File Numbers, you can enter that here. _Ex: ABC0123.
_Switch ON Include Current Financial Year if needed.
Range starts from: You can select a number- If you want the File Number to begin with a preferred number, you can enter this here.
Minimum Length of each File No: (0’s will get added to make up for short numbers): You can set the minimum length of a File Number here. _Ex: 5 and if the File Number is 1, the File Number will get auto-generated as 00001.
_**Choose Delimiter for Code** from the drop-down list**.**


Patient Unique Identifier Label-If you need to add the Patient Identity Card Number field in Patient Details during registration, you can enter Field name here. Ex: Passport Number.

Default Gender- In order to set a default gender for your clinic, select one from the drop-down. For example, you have a gynae clinic, where all the patients will be female, then you can set this preference to female, so that every time you want to create a new patient, you don’t manually have to change gender.

Patient Mobile No: Min Length: You set up the minimum length of a Patient Mobile Number here, in order to restrict errors while Patient Registration. You set up the maximum length of a Patient Mobile Number here, in order to restrict errors while Patient Registration. Patient Details won’t get saved if you don’t enter the required amount of digits. Clinicea will prompt you to enter the correct number of digits.

Patient Mobile No: Max Length: Patient Details won’t get saved if you don’t enter the required amount of digits. Clinicea will prompt you to enter the correct number of digits.

Patient Mandatory Fields: You can check on these Preferences for Patient Registration. Patient Details will not get saved until you don’t enter the fields marked as mandatory.

Lead Mandatory Fields: You can check on these Preferences for Lead Registration. Lead Details will not get saved till you don’t enter the fields marked as mandatory. In case mandatory fields in Lead are different as compared to Patient, during the auto conversion of Lead to Patient, the newly created Patient may not have all the mandatory data as required. This is because only those fields that were available in Lead will get copied over to the new Patient.

Allow special characters in Patient and Lead Name: This preference if Checked ON will allow entering special characters such as , +, etc while entering a patient’s name.

Always include Inactive Patients in the Patient list: This preference if Checked ON will include those patients as well who have been deleted/marked Inactive.


You can Rename the Practitioner to any preferred name of your choice*.**

Rename Patient to- You can select the preferred name for your clinic from this drop-down.

Rename Staff Registration No. caption To Clinic Registered ID.


Enable Questionnaire: Allow Patients to give you feedback and fill out the questionnaire’s on medical history before starting their consult with the Physician.

Also, there is an option to choose a default questionnaire for your patient. To do this Click to Select a Value and select one from the fly-out.


Consent Form can be signed off using your fingers, mouse, or alternatively, you can opt for Patients to simply type in their name. Control by going to Clinical Preferences in your Organization | Clinical Preferences | Sign Consent form using and select one from the dropdown list.

There are four types of Consent available in Clinicea to sign- for Patient, Practitioner, Witness, and Guardians. You can enable them as per your needs.


Control whether Medical Imaging is required in EMR and if so you can add the system images.


*Enable Patient Home Visits Feature
This is useful only if you do home visits and need to sell long-term care packages with checklists for carers to execute.


*Auto-Generate Medical Certificate Serial No:
You can generate serial numbers for each medical certificate that you print out.


You can choose from a wide variety of standard medical coding schemes e.g. ICD-9, ICD-10, SNOWMED-CT, LOINC, CVX and more for each clinical section in the EMR.

Updated on: 06/06/2023

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