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How to order Investigations

There are 4 options that can be used to order Investigations:

Option 1: Order Investigation from Favourites:

1. Click on Investigations from the bookmark section, and this will directly take you to the investigations section in the Patient Chart. At the same time, the investigations sections open upon the right side of the screen. All your favorite investigations are listed and marked with a icon. Click the “+” buttons to add as many investigations as required.

2. You can also add Patient Instructions for each investigation that you order. Just click on the icon.

3. This opens the Investigation Instructions Page. Enter the instructions and then click on Save.

4. Once saved, the icon color changes to green and if you hover your mouse pointer on the icon then the entire instruction is displayed. If you want to edit the instructions, click on the icon again and make the required changes and save. Next time if you order the same investigation for another patient, the instruction is already saved for you.

Option 2: Order multiple Investigations by combining it into one single category:

1. In order to combine Multiple Investigations into one single category first go to Tools | Investigations | search and select an Investigation, click to open.

2. An Investigations window will open | Category, select from drop-down menu or type in a category in the Category field and click on the +button to add a new category | Save. Put in as many categories as you want against the investigation. Similarly, repeat this for other investigations.

3. Now Go to Investigations, in the Patient Chart, click on the +button | Add Investigations, a window will open | click on the drop-down menu and select Category | click on all investigations in that Category that needs to be ordered.

Option 3: Group Investigations for 1 click ordering:

1. Open Patient chart and scroll down to Investigation. Click on the “+” beside investigation which will open up the list of available investigation on the right. Select the investigation to be ordered. Repeat this step for as many investigations you want to add.

2. Once you have added the required investigations, click on the three vertical dots visible on the extreme right of investigations. You will see New Investigation Combo appearing_,_ Click on it.

3. A New Investigation Combo window will open. Type in a Name for this combination of investigations. Let us say _Malaria_ and then hit Save. So now your investigation combination is ready for prescribing the next time you require it. All such combos will be saved under the Investigation Combo Tab.

4. Next time you want to order an investigation for Malaria, all you need to do is click on investigations and click on Investigations Combo, the name _Malaria_ is already there as a combo. Click on the ‘+’ to order the same.

You can see all investigations have been added successfully for ordering.

Updated on: 06/06/2023

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