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How to use Today’s Services from the EMR

Suppose, a Patient comes in and an appointment is booked for a Service, let us say, LHR Hands. The Practitioner on consultation sees that LHR cannot be given today since the patient has a sunburn, so he cancels that and instead adds a Collagen Filler. This can be done from the Today’s Services Section in the EMR of the patient and billing and appointment of that patient will get auto-updated. Let us see how.

1. Let us take a patient whose appointment has been created on the Calendar and is scheduled today. For example, Susan. The service added is LHR hands_._

2. Go to the EMR of the patient. The service called LHR Hand is visible on the very top of the page on the left as shown below. Also, the service price can be seen.

3. Now the patient is undergoing the procedure and the technician recommends the patient to undergo a _Collagen Filler_ and the patient agrees. So, what the technician can do here is directly add another service against the patient. Just click on the “**+**” button on the right of the service listed on the top.

4. A Today’s Treatment flyout will open. Select the relevant service or package and click on the + button beside it. The service gets added to the current visit.

5. Collagen Filler gets added to Today’s Services.

6. At the same time, a new appointment gets created too on the calendar.

7. If you bill at this point, the system auto adds both the services to the bill.

a. The new service added in the EMR Ex: Collagen Filler
b. The original service that was there in the appointment, Ex: LHR Hand.

8. Now, suppose you wanted to cancel one of the services, you can do so too. Just click on the 3 dots beside the service name and select Cancel Appointment. Doing this also cancels the service and the corresponding appointment on the calendar

9. A confirmation window appears, click on OK to continue, else click Cancel.

10. The service is canceled as you can see from the image below that it has been struck through.

11. The appointment created on the calendar for the patient Susan with LHR Hand as the service gets canceled too.

12. You also have the ability to set the service price to “_zero_“. This is a permission which is available to the doctors only, where they do so if they want to give the service consumed as a complimentary service. For this just click on the 3 dots visible against the service and select “_Set price to $0_“. Upon checkout, at the time of billing, the corresponding service price will become “zero”.

Updated on: 06/06/2023

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