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How to access Patient Details in Calendar

Patient Details can be accessed and updated directly from Calendar. The following steps show us how:

1. Look on the left of the Calendar, you will see a list of appointments. Just click on the patient icon of any appointment to open Patient Details.

2. A Patient Details window will open. Here you will find two tabs, Basic Details, and Corporate & Membership Details. A Patient’s general information can be edited under the Basic Details page. Now, to add the Patient’s Corporate/Insurance Details and assign a membership of your Clinic’s Loyalty Program, click on the Corporate & membership Details tab.

3. Here you can add a Membership for the Loyalty Points Program of your Clinic. Add Insurance and Policy details. You can also add the Patient’s GSTIN (India Only), under the heading “**Important Registration Nos**” which is printed on the Invoice at the time of billing.

Updated on: 20/06/2023

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