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How do you add a GSTIN for a Patient?

Clinicea now has the ability to add a GSTIN for a Patient as well. This is useful in cases where your patients are part of any organization which pays for some of the services availed by the Patient, and the Organization would like to file Tax Returns on such expenses.

Let us see how this can be set up in Clinicea.

There are some prerequisites that need to be completed before we can do this. Let us see this below.

1. First, the clinic’s GSTIN needs to be setup. For this go to Tools | Organization | Select the Organisation | Scroll down and select the Preference: Financial | Under Important Registration Nos. enter the required information ex: GSTIN, and State Code and then Save.

It is important to note that the name entered under Reg. No: Name 1 field is what will appear on the Patient’s Details Page. Since we want the Patient’s GSTIN, we will enter the same here. This also sets up the Organization’s GSTIN which will appear on the Invoice and Payment Receipt printouts.

Now that we have completed setting this up, let us see how we can add the GSTIN for a Patient with the steps below.

1. Open the Patient Details page and click on the _Membership and Corporate Details_ tab.

2. Scroll down to the section Important Registration Nos. It is here that you will see the Labels GSTIN and State Code. This is what we had entered as part of the Prerequisite step. Next enter the GSTIN provided by the Patient and then Save.

Once you have saved this information, the printouts for the Invoices and Receipts for this patient will have the GSTIN on them and look like the sample below.

Updated on: 06/06/2023

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