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What is the function of the various Permissions in Tools

Let us review in detail the permissions for the Tools module.

1. Edit Holiday
This allows the user to make edits to the Holiday list. This permission should be given to the Clinic Admin to make a list of Holidays of the Clinic. Eg: 25th December Christmas Holiday (For more info, please click on How to set up the Public Holidays of your Clinic).

2. Manage Dropdowns
If this permission is switched on, the user can go to Tools | Dropdowns and select the category for which the change needs to be done and then simply add a New Item or delete an existing one. This permission should be given only to the Clinic Administrator in order to set up the dropdown lists, as per the Clinic requirements. Giving this permission to everyone will increase the probability of junk data or misspelled data being fed into the System.

3. Add Item to Dropdown
This allows the user to add a new item to a drop-down by simply typing in what the user needs. This does not give the user permission to remove any item from an existing list. This permission can be given to various staff across various roles. Ex: If the user wants to quickly add Vendor and Hospitals to the Address-book Category then these changes can be done through this permission (For more info, please click on How to manage DropDown Lists).

4. Enable Editing of Staff Profile
This allows the user to make changes to their own profile page. With permission ON, users have the ability to edit all the fields available on the profile page. This includes changes in the Username, Password to name a couple. The users are also able to edit the staff preferences as well, however, the Role and Belongs to Organization is editable by the Admin only. If the permission is OFF then the only field editable is the sign-in _password_.

Updated on: 16/06/2023

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