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How to add a New Staff

A staff can be added only via an Admin Account Clinicea.
For Example: Let us assume, You have 2 Clinics, called Skin Clinic #1 and Skin Clinic # 2. You have recently recruited a Dermatologist for your Clinic – Skin Clinic # 1. You now want to add the Dermatologist as a staff on your Clinicea account.

Let us have a look at how to add a new Staff:

1. Go to Tools| Staff | click on + New Staff

2. A Staff Details window will open.

Type in the Staff Name.

You can setup if the staff will take in appointments from Patients by using the Yes/No toggle switch_._ By default, if you put Dr. in the staff name, Takes Appointment is switched to Yes.

Next, add the Specialization from the drop-down menu as Dermatologist.

You can then add the Qualification and Registration Number.

Scrolling down, you can also add Staff Bio. This is what the visitors of your Online Appointment Booking Page gets to see.

3. Next is the most important part of new Staff Creation, Security and Access.

Assign a Role – this defines the permissions a Staff will have in Clinicea.

You also need to select the Belongs to Organization. This is the default Organization this staff belongs to. Each time the staff logs in, he will be by default logged into this Clinic.

If you have a Clinic Chain and want to give access to a Staff to multiple Clinics in your group, you can do so by populating “Select which other Organization this Staff can work in”. In case the Staff is a manager and needs to overseas a group of clinics, then assign him right to a “Circle”.

4. Once saved, you are directed back to the Staff List Page. Now click the name of the staff just created and the Staff Details page opens. Scroll Down and you will see Preferences appearing now.

You can opt to modify Regional Settings, but it is generally not required.

5. In the Regional Settings window, you can setup your Timezone, Preferred Language and the Date and Time format. Once you have entered the details, click Save.

6. Next click on Roster Settings under Preferences. A Roster window will open for the Staff Member created earlier.

You can enter the days on which the staff is available at a particular clinic and set the staff available time also. Break timings can also be set. The timings can be set for the staff in 15-minute intervals. This roster can be set for a single Week or Fortnightly. Click Save and the roster is set. This will help in creating appointments based on the staff member’s availability.

7. The last set is My Preferences. Click on it to open and let us see what you can set up here.

Start-Up Page helps in setting up which page should open in Clinicea immediately after the Staff Signs In. Example: A Receptionist would like the Calendar page, an Accountant to Financials, Manager to Reporting and so on.

Scheduler | Appointment Duration is used to set the default duration of an appointment if no service is selected in the appointment.

Scheduler | Enable Online Booking is switched on for those Practitioners who want to take on bookings online too.

Favorite Billing Service is the default service that gets billed each time you open a new bill.

Appointment View can be set up by to be Day View or Week View.

Appointment Waiting Sort is useful for Receptionists. You can manage Patient waiting queues by setting the default to either Arrange the calendar by patient’s Appointment Time or Arrival time. This helps you in prioritizing your appointments.

Medical | Staff Default Casesheet: This will be the default case sheet that will come up when you open a Patient from the Patient List.

Display Immunisation in Medical Summary: A staff member can choose if the Immunization Section should be displayed in the Patient’s Medical Summary. This can be switched On/Off using the toggle switch. This is useful to be switched on for a Pediatrician or for a GP who wants to track immunizations.

API & Sync Calendar will provide you with a link that you can use to sync your personal calendar with Clinicea. This can be your Google Calendar, iCloud Calendar or Microsoft Outlook. It uses the API Key listed above.

Notification lets you decide if you want to hear a chime and see a popup when Clinicea has something important to inform you ex: when you patient arrives in the waiting area, a notification will inform you on your screen.

Once all this is entered, click Save. This will take you back to the Staff Details page. Click Save again to save the Staff.

Updated on: 26/10/2023

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