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How to manage DropDown Lists

Across Clinicea, when you go about entering data, you will come across drop-down lists.

These are lists from which you can select an item. Sometimes the items available in the list may not meet your requirements. You may want to edit the list, by adding or removing items from it. This can be easily done in Clinicea in 2 ways.


For example, You want to enter a new Contact in your Address Book. This contact is a Senior Practitioner at the Clinic. When you try to enter the practitioner details you find that the Address Book Category does not have any item by the name “Senior Practitioner”. You can fix this quite easily by simply typing in the list the word, Senior Practitioner. That’s it.


Sometimes you may need to add and remove multiple items from a list. T**here is a special tool that lets you do this quickly, called DropDowns**.

For example, let us add Radiology and Pathlab to the AddressBook Category and let us remove the item called Senior Practitioner.

a. Go to Tools | Dropdowns. A Dropdowns section will open, with a list of available categories.

b. Search for a category from the available list, or Type in and click on Search button**.** ex: Addressbook**.**

c. Click on the name from the list.

d. Type in the name of the item you want to add and click on + button.
Ex: Radiology and hit + button.

Then do the same for PathLab and click the + button.

e. Once an item has been added in the category, it can be deleted. You can delete an item from the category, by clicking on the delete icon at the extreme right side of the item. Ex: Senior Practitioner.

f. To view the newly added category i.e. Radiology and Pathlab, go to AddressBook and click on a Contact to open up the AddressBook Details | Category, now click on the drop-down menu.

You will also notice, Senior Practitioner has been removed from the list.


How to handle system payment methods

Sometime options in the drop down are predefined by the system. An ex: of that is a payment method. It will by default have the Cheque Option. If you select Cheque as the payment mode to a bill, then such a bill goes for manual authorisation in Clinicea.

If you want to delete any of these system Payment mode e.g. Cheque then please have a look into the following steps. below in which you will understand how to delete the payment mode called "Cheque" which is one of the globally used payment mode.

Let us have a look upon how to delete Payment Mode called "Cheque".

a. Go to Tools | Dropdowns | then select Payment Mode from the Dropdowns list | in Item block write the negative symbol along with the payment mode which you want to delete i.e -Cheque | then click on Add Item.

b. Now once we Sign Out and Sign back In and then check the payment modes, Cheque option is not there. Hence, you have successfully removed the Payment mode called Cheque


Updated on: 09/06/2023

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