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How to view multiple resources on the Calendar page

In a multispecialty clinic or polyclinic, you may have a large number of Practitioners taking in appointments ex: 10+. Since each Practitioner gets a column on the Clinicea Calendar, having 10+ columns on your computer window will make each Practitioner’s column very narrow. Narrow columns mean, seeing appointment details on the column will be difficult, and most content will get cut off. If faced with such an option you can opt to split the number of Practitioners you see at a time by enabling Paging in Calendar. This feature only works in the Day View, and not the Week view. Let us see how.

1. Go to Tools | Organization | Select the name of your Organization from the list. The Organization Details window will open. Scroll down to the bottom and under Preferences, click on Calendar.

2. The Calendar window will open. Scroll down and switch ON the option called  Enable Staff/Resource Paging in the Calendar (Applicable only for the Day View).

3. Once done, another option will appear just below it. Enter the number of Practitioners / Resources you want to see on the Calendar page at a time. Example, 3. Click on the Save button at the bottom of the page.

4. On the Calendar page Select the Practitioners and Resources that you want to see on your Calendar page.

Now suppose, Suppose, you have checked on 20 Practitioners and Resources. In this case, the Calendar page will be divided into 10 Pages. Page 1 will show the first 3 Practitioners, and Page 2 will show the next Practitioners. Click on the > and < buttons on the extreme right and left respectively to move from one page to another.

Calendar page 1 will look like this. It will show the first 3 Practitioners.

Calendar page 2 will look like this with 3 practitioners. The last practitioner from the first page and the next 2 practitioners will be shown on this page and so on.

Had we not enabled paging, it would have looked like this for the 20 practitioners in the Day view.

Updated on: 07/06/2023

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