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How to use my Calendar

The Calendar can be personalized based on 3 preferences:

1. The Calendar can be set as the default homepage.

To set Calendar as the Default Homepage:

1a. Go to My Profile under Login Name on the extreme right of calendar page.

1b. A Staff Details window will open.

1c. Scroll to the bottom of the page to My Preferences.

1d. Select Start-up Page and select Calendar from the drop-down menu | Save.The Calendar has been set as the Default Homepage.

Next time you log in, your homepage would be the Calendar.

2. The default Calendar view can be set to Week view or Day view.

To set Calendar view:

2a. Go to Calendar and click on Day to see Day view.

2b. Similarly**,** click on Week for week view.

3. You can set up the Practitioners and Resources you want to view on your Calendar, if you have the permission to view the schedule of others.
Click on the following link to see how to set up Practitioners and Resources.

Updated on: 15/06/2023

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