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How to set up Appointment Resources

Appointment Resources are physical resources a Clinic needs to complete an appointment. Let us see a few examples:

A surgeon needs the Operating Theatre to complete the surgery – Operating Theatre is the resource here.

GP may use 3 different exam rooms where the nurse checks the vitals and notes the chief complaints before the GP starts the consult. These 3 different exam rooms are the Resource here.

Let’s say a Nephrology clinic has 5 dialysis machines against which appointments are given. These 5 dialysis machines are the resource here.

You can create such custom resources in Clinicea. Then when making an appointment, the Appointment Resource can be selected so that the appointment can be scheduled against the Practitioner and the Resource in 1-Click.

In order to set up Appointment Resources:

1. Go to Tools | Drop-downs | click on Appointment Resources | type in Item and click on +.

2. In order to use the Appointment Resources go to Calendar | click on Select Practitioners and resources, a new window will open and OT1 will appear as a Resource | select  OT1 | Apply.

3. The Calendar screen will display the Practitioners and Resource view.

4. Now, let us create an appointment linked to a resource. Click on an available time slot | Appointment Details window will open, select a Patient | Resource, select OT1 | Save.

Option to select multiple resources becomes visible only if the preference is enabled. This preference can be found by clicking on Tools | Organization | Preferences | Calendar | Allow to select a 2nd resource in the appointment.

5. The Calendar screen will display the Appointment under both, Practitioners and Resource.

Updated on: 20/06/2023

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