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How to record Investigation Results

The Investigation module on Clinicea can handle Lab Reporting for in-house Labs, as well in situations where you may be collecting the sample and then sending the sample out to an external lab.

Right from ordering Investigations (for more info please have a look at How to order Investigations), to collecting of samples, and subsequent recording of results, can all be done very simply and systematically in Clinicea.

For example, You, as the Doctor, consult a Patient and order an Investigation, such as CBC Blood Test. Let us show how can your Clinic Staff go about entering the results for CBC blood test.

1. Go to Investigations and click on Record Result. By default, it shows all Investigations which have been ordered over the last 2 days for whom results have not been recorded. Search open the Investigation you want to enter the result for. Ex: CBC Blood Test.

2. An Investigation Details window will open with the name of the Investigation appearing on the top, for example CBC Blood Test.

Click on the drop-down menu under Result. You can set the result status as _Normal, Abnormal, Recorded or Not Recorded._ If this is an important Investigation and you would want to see this included in the Patients Chart under Medical Summary, click on the Flag icon on the side.

3. There are 3 ways of recording a result**.**

(a). If you want to simply attach the paper-based report you have received, then scan in the papers onto your computer and attach it.

(b). If it is a Radiology Result that you would like to record, then Click on Text and put down the Impression and Findings. You can also attach the images as explained in the step above. Once done click on Save.

(c). If it is a Lab Result, in which you would want to enter values for each parameter/component, that too is supported. You need to have set up the parameters you want to record for each Lab Test along with its reference range.

(d). If you have a Critical Lab Test and you want to record the results, click on Critical Lab Result.

(e). A Critical Lab Result window will open, fill in details and Save.

The Investigation Results have been recorded. You will automatically be diverted to Record Result Page, you will notice that the Investigation will no longer appear here to prevent duplicate entry.

Updated on: 15/06/2023

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