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How to use Follow-up Patient

When a Doctor is reviewing the results of an Investigation he had previously ordered in his In-Tray, he may decide the Patient needs to be called back for a follow-up appointment. This usually happens when the results are abnormal, positive, or borderline. Clinicea has an efficient way of tracking the Doctors actions post review of results, to protect the clinic from a medico-legal point of view. Clinicea can track and when required demonstrate that action that was initiated by Clinic staff to follow through with the follow-up. No paper trails are required as digitally the set of actions that were executed get logged and stored for posterity.

For Example, A Doctor requests a Follow-up for a Patient whos investigation results were abnormal for Blood Count. The Patient took the CBC Blood test. After checking the results, the Doctor requests a Follow-up. The clinic staff must inform the Patient of the same.

Let us have a look at how to use the Follow-up feature:

1. Go to Investigations and click on Follow-up. This will list all the Follow-ups requested by the Doctors of the Clinic. Click on the Follow-up you want to open.

2. An Investigation Details window will open with the name of the Investigation appearing on the top, for example, CBC Blood Test. Follow-up Details section will open on the right-hand side. Please check the Follow-up Instructions and get in touch with the Patient.

Now click on the drop-down menu under Follow-up Status. You can set the Follow-up Status as Due, Completed or Dismissed. If you require adding any notes regarding the Follow-up, enter Follow-up Notes and click on Save.

(a). If the Follow-up Status is set to Due: the Patient Investigation will continue to remain visible on the Follow-up list.
(b). If the Follow-up Status is set to Completed: the necessary action to organize the Patient Followup is complete example phone call made to the Patient and an appointment for him booked. This Follow-up will no longer appear on the list
(c). If the Follow-up Status is set to Dismissed: It indicates that the follow-up could not be completed and it is now closed. The Patient Investigation will no longer appear on the Follow-up list.

Updated on: 15/06/2023

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