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How to set up Investigations

You can set up a customized Investigations List to be used in your Clinic.

If your clinic has an in-house Lab or Radiology, you can go a step further and also set up the cost price, and selling price, and link the Investigations to Billing.

To set up Investigations:

1. Go to Tools and click on Investigations. An Investigations List Page now Opens. Click on Add New.

2. An Investigations window will open. Please fill in the D**etails** as required.

(a). Investigation Name: Type in the name of the Investigation, for example, FBS (Fasting Blood Sugar).

(b). Lab/Radiology: Here you can select what kind of an investigation this is. Whether the investigation will take place in a Laboratory or Radiology section.

(c). Category: Here you can define the exact nature of the investigation and select the category from the drop-down menu or type in to add a new category. For example, Lab Investigations can be further categorized as Pathology, Micro-Biology, etc. Radiology can further be categorized to MRI, MRA, CAT, etc. to add a new Category just click on the +button and can add as many categories as you like.

(d). Services: This will allow you add this investigation to a particular Service. So whenever an appointment is created with the service or the service is added to the patients’ list of to do services, then this investigation also is ordered.
Next, you can add pricing to the investigation. You can set your Cost Price, which the price it costs the clinic to conduct the investigation and the Selling Price, which is the price the investigation is sold to the Patient.

(e). Patient Instructions: Some Investigations require the Patient to prepare for it before it can be done. You can leave instructions here for the Patient to follow. This will get printed on your Prescription automatically. Clinicea has already done this hard work for you and has pre-filled Patient Instruction for all the Investigations, but you can always edit it as required.

(f). Patient Handout: If you want, you can pass on Patient Education Material about the Investigation to the Patient. Some investigations have Patient Instructions along with the Investigation process, the Patient must be aware of. If you have these instructions in the form of a Patient Handout, Clinicea allows you to upload it in the Investigation details.

(g). Lab: If the Investigation is done at an external lab, you can specify the external lab here. This will help your Lab Technician at the time of Sample Collectioninforming where the sample needs to be sent to. Any new entries you make here, also get auto-added to your Addressbook.

(h). Specimen: This is where you set what type of specimen needs collection. Example Blood, Stool, etc.

(i). Specimen Storage: This is simply the container in which the Technician needs to store the Specimen. This is useful information for the Technician at the time of sample collection.

2. Clinical Groups: For Lab Tests, the results can usually be quantified. You may want to record the same by setting up a template. Such templates would comprise of multiple parameters/components. Each parameter would have a normal range of values. Templates are also known as Clinical Groups. If you assign a _Clinical Group_ to an Investigation, then, when the time comes to Record the Result, this template will come up.

You can also edit the template by adding (or removing) parameters by clicking on +Add Parameter. Search Item Parameters section will open on the right-hand side. If an Item is not on the system, simply type in the search bar and click on the +button beside Search and the item will get added. You can add as many Item Parameters as you like.

3. Design Result Layout: When Radiology results are to be recorded, it is mostly text comprising of Impressions and Findings. In such a scenario you need to type out the result. This is where the Text format becomes useful (For more information have a look at [How to record Investigation Results] ( You can design the result layout by putting in pre-defined the paragraphs, and emphasize the same through formatting.

(a). Applies to Gender: If an Investigation is restricted by gender, you can select the gender here_._ The advantage of this approach is that Clinicea will smartly filter out Investigations and only show the relevant ones you can order in a Patients chart based on the Patients gender.

Once all the details have been entered click on Save.

The Investigation has been set up. You will be automatically diverted to Investigations and can view the same.

Updated on: 15/06/2023

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