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How to use In-Tray

The In-Tray feature on Clinicea, simply works as an Investigation Inbox for the doctor. Once Investigation results are recorded, they automatically get added to the Doctors In-Tray. Each doctor will get a list of results, for the Investigations ordered by them. The Doctor must check each result and depend on the findings, either archive it or request for a follow-up appointment to be organized with the Patient.

Let us have a look at how to use the In-Tray:

1. Go to Investigations and click on In-Tray. Search for the patient for whom the investigation was ordered and then click on the Investigation.

2. An Investigation Details window will open with the name of the Investigation appearing on the top. The result cannot be edited and is for reading only. If you find things are normal, you can archive it by clicking on NAD (No Abnormality Detected) and the investigation is removed from the In-Tray List. Otherwise, you can request a Follow-Up.

3. If the result is positive, you can request a Follow-Up (For more info click on How to use Follow-Up). Click on +Follow-Up and a Follow-Up Instructions window will open. Enter Instructions for your Clinic Staff in Follow-up Instructions for Staff and click Save.

If you decided to click Save & Send SMS, an SMS will be sent to the Patient, informing him only that his results have come in and that he should call the Clinic Phone for an appointment.

Updated on: 15/06/2023

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