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How to use Bill Investigation Orders

You can use Bill Investigation Orders directly from Investigations Menu. However, to be able to use this feature, the selling price of Investigations must be set up (For more info click on How to set up Investigations). When you set up the selling price of an Investigation, it gets auto-linked to a service.

This feature is also quite useful if you are running a standalone Lab/Radiology which is open for walk-in patients. Walk-in patients would come in with Investigation Orders from External Practitioners and Clinic. Before you do those tests, you would want to bill such patients, and this feature allows you to do just that.

_You will need to set up Investigation prices based on:_

(i)If your Clinic does not conduct an Investigation, you need not set up the selling price.

(ii)If your Clinic is equipped for conducting an Investigation, you can set the selling price for that investigation.

(iii) If your Clinic does not conduct an investigation but you can collect samples for the investigation and send it to an External Lab. You may set the cost price (the price you pay to the External Lab) and set the selling price (the price you will charge the Patient).

Let us have a look at how the Bill Investigation Orders work on Clinicea:

Example 1

A Practitioner may choose to order investigations from a set that includes Lab and Radiology. Your clinic, on the other hand, may not be equipped to do all such investigations. In this case, Clinicea will auto-bill the Patient only for those tests that can be done at the clinic.

For example, The practitioner at your clinic orders for a CBC WITH DIFFERENTIAL and a Hand X-ray. The CBC WITH DIFFERENTIAL can be done at the clinic. The clinic, however, does not have a Radiology so cannot do the X-ray in-house. The Patient will get auto billed only for CBC, and Xray will be excluded.

To Bill Investigation Orders:

a. Go to Bill Investigation Orders | Search and select the Investigation you want to Bill, for example, CBC with Differential.

b. A New Bill window will open. CBC WITH DIFFERENTIAL will automatically appear as a Bill Item. Clinicea automatically adds all Investigations of that Patient ordered in the Visit. In case, some of the Investigations ordered by the Doctor are not available at the Clinic, a visual cue will be provided in the Billing in yellow, stating NOT FOUND.

Enter Paid Amount | Select Payment Mode | Save.

Example: In this case since Radiology Tests cannot be done at the clinic, you can see HAND Xray highlighted in yellow with the words NOT FOUND.

Example 2

A walk-in Patient comes into your Clinic for getting a Lab Test Done. He has a Prescription from an external Doctor. You can register this as a new Patient and bill him directly from Bill Investigation Orders. Let us have a look at how to directly Bill a New Investigation.

a. Go to Bill Investigation Orders and click on +New Investigation Bill (i.e. New Investigation Bill).

b. A New Lab Bill window will open. Select Patient on the right-hand side. If the Patient is not already registered, Clinicea will help you register the Patient as well. Click on the +button beside the Patient name.

c. The Patient name is added to the bill. Now click on Add Items and an “_Add Bill Items”_ section will open on the right-hand side. Search for Blood Group and RH+ Crosscheck Test and click on the +button. Once you have added the Investigation click on the button in Add Bill Items to close the flyout**.**

d. On the left, you will see the Details Section. Under Doctor, select Self-Referred from the drop-down menu, OR Enter the name of the Doctor who ordered the Test. If a Doctors name is entered, this Doctor will get auto-added to your Address Book as an External Doctor. Enter Paid Amount and select Payment Mode and click Save.

Updated on: 05/06/2023

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