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How to send the Tricho Hair Sample Test report to the Richfeel Lab

a. Go to Investigations |**Bill Investigation Orders** | +New Invg Bill, a new Lab Bill window will open,

b. Go to Select Patient | Search and click on +button to add patient for whom you want to order this Test,

c. Go to +Add Bill Items | + Tricho Hair Sample Test

d. Now we need to make sure the correct Trichologist has been selected for this Lab Order. To do this we need to close Bill Items by clicking on ←Add Bill Items

e. Once the Add Bill Items window is closed, a Details section will show on the right hand side, to select the correct Trichologist that has ordered for the test, select Doctor from the dropdown menu | Save, no need to enter payment details.

f. Done. The test has been ordered for and the central LAB can now see this Ordered Test and the Trichologist that has ordered for the test. This is updated in the results and can be printed later.

You can confirm by Clicking on the Search button next to Bill Lab Order button, the order test for the patient will start appearing in the list.

For the Results

e. Click on the In-Tray option, all the recorded results from the Lab, will be visible here and can be Printed from here.

Updated on: 08/06/2023

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