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How to do Tele-Consultation via Video Conferencing

Tele-Consultation via Video Conferencing is now possible through Clinicea. Pre-requisites to using this Feature are:

Skype must be installed on the device from which you are going to video-conference.

You must have a valid Skype account, and use it to log in to Skype.

You must have the permission to access the Patient’s Chart.

Patient must have a valid Skype ID and the same should be saved in the Patient Details Screen by scrolling down to Contact Details and entering the Skype Id.

To use Video Conferencing and Tele-Consultation feature on Clinicea:

Go to Calendar | click on the Video Call option by clicking on the three vertical dots to the right of the scheduled appointment list of the Patient on the extreme left of the page.


2. When you click on the Video Conferencing icon, appointment automation on Clinicea smartly changes the appointment status to Engaged, simultaneously.


3. If the patient is not on your Skype list, you will be prompted to add the patient before the call goes through.
The Patient Medical Chart will open on the EMR and the skype window will show the ongoing video call.

4. Once Video Conferencing is complete, click on the ‘**Check out’** icon to check out the Patient. Appointment status will also change to “Mark As Completed”.

Updated on: 06/06/2023

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