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2024 April Release



Engaged Times

You now have the option to view how long the patient is engaged with the Doctor for. If the consult exceeds the time a service should have taken, the scheduler flags it. Nothing is to be done at your end, except set the duration for each service in the Service Master. Ex: lets say the patient has come for a 15m appointment.

For a 15 min appointment the first 0-5mins starts off in white text:

Midway through it appears in orange i.e. 6-10mins:

When just the last leg of the appointment starts i.e. 11-15mins, it alerts your front desk by turning the time in red that the consult is about to get over, she can ready up the next patient.

Cancellation Reason

You can now see the cancellation reason set by the patient or staff.

Unique Patient Count

New preference Display unique count of patients, and not the no: of appointments in the patient queue. So if there are 4 Customers with 11 different appointments, switching this preference on, will display the count as 4 and not 11. Control this via Calendar Preferences.

Due Amount

Earlier only a red bar would came against the name of the patient, to indicate that the patient owes money to the clinic. On hoever, the tooltip would show the amount. Now the due amount is explicitly shown against the patient name in the appointment details window.

Feedback Expiry

Feedback links now expire after 10 days as against the earlier limit of 7 days.


Service Categories

As and when a patient takes a service, Clinicea auto-adds the respective service-category that service belongs to, in the patient demographic. This info is useful for cross marketing in the CRM and is now available under the Lead associated with that patient.

You can filter by service category too.


Approximate DOB

In case DOB is an approximation a circa icon will appear.


Rx Duration

If you prescribe multiple medications and want to auto set duration for all, you can do so now when prescribing Rx.

Rx Frequency Support for Bedtime

Earlier you record dosage for only Morning, Afternoon, Evening. You can now add an additional dosage i.e. Night. To use this you need contact support to get your prescription layout updated as well as switch on a new Clinical preference

Once preference is on, it appears as follows during prescribing:


Sequencing for Credit Notes

If you want to generate a different sequence of numbers, completely separate from the invoice series, for credit notes. That is now possible under Financial Preferences.



Patient Portal, Curofic Online Booking, E-Bill, E-Rx, E-Lab, E-Payment are all now white labelled for users of the enterprise plan. Switch on the feature by going to Organization | Client Engagement Settings

Appointment Booking Options

You can now control the booking options a patient sees when they log in to the Patient portal.

Payment Failures

Whenever a patient tries to make a payment and it fails, a payment failure notification will be emailed to the patient.


2 Factor Authentication

Security strengthened with the launch of 2 factor authentication. Once enabled under Security Preferences, OTP will be sent via SMS and email.

Once enabled the user will need to input the code when logging in.


Tally Support

New methods added to support syncing with the Tally accounting software. You will need a Tally certified developer to use the APIs.


Card Reader

Support added to read Emirates ID straight from the card reader, and auto register patients.

Updated on: 11/04/2024

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