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2023 October Release



Control the automation to Engaged Status

You can control if an appointment should be auto marked as engaged . This happens automatically when the Doctor opens the EMR from the appointment. This is controlled using a Scheduler preference.

Disable selection of Resource

Sometimes front-desk staff when give one too many options end up making errors. One such is, where when making an appointment, they end up manually selecting the wrong resource. By resource we mean room, machine, equipment etc. You can prevent this by disabling manual changing of resources inside appointment details. Once again you control this via a Scheduler preference.

Block inactive patients

You may want to disallow your front desk from accidentally booking appointments against inactive patients. As having automated SMS/Email go out to such patients may lead to clinic getting patient complaints. You can now block appointment booking against inactive patients by simply enabling a Scheduler preference.


Introducing Clinical Teams

You can now setup your personal clinical team. All your confidential visits will be accessible to all members of your clinical team. This enables collaboration with full security. This can be done in your staff profile.

Quick Registration Support

Quick registration support has been a great success based on your feedback. So we have added support for it across all other aspects of Clinicea too.


Usability Improvements

We have made loads of UI changes. Such as fixed headers - shown below, module driven access to report categories, improved configuration window etc.

List of all Reports

Your account in Clinicea has a standard set of 70+ reports. In addition to that you may have also gotten custom reports built for your clinic. Accessing all of them, knowing what each is for, can get cumbersome. Now, it is made easy. Just goto the dashboard and click on "List of Reports".

You get to see a complete list of all common and custom reports, sorted by name.


Additionally we have changed the way exports are handled. Earlier we used to show a popup once export was ready. But due to popup blockers, browsers would often suppress that prompt. This made it difficult to get export notifications. We have changed this approach. Now when you export any report, it prompts you to share your email (by default it picks up the email in your staff profile).

Once you click OK, the export file is prepared. After the file is ready, you will get an email with the download link to the export file. You can also access the report from the dedicated export area.


File extensions

Support added for .jfif files also. Additionally you are no longer allowed to change the file extension post an upload. Extension appears as a separate label. This is done to avoid security issues.

Updated on: 15/01/2024

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