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2023 January Release

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Letting patients self register, validating their data, having them being greeted with welcome packs, getting them to fill out initial intake questionnaire and sign consent - all without a click from your end - is now here.

Launch of new service in beta. You can now directly register patients off your website, using the Clinicea custom registration page. This page is custom made with fields you need, look and feel as per your website, fully integrated with Clinicea API's, following best practises in security and hosted and managed by us. We will keep finding areas at the clinic that can be simplified with technology.

Here is a sample:

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Strong Passwords

The feature of strong passwords is now available to all clients. You can enable it by going to Tools | Security | Enforce strong password for all users.

In staff profile, strong password are then enforced by assisting the user with helpful hints.

Mass Log out

As the clinic administrator you can now in a click log out all your users across all devices. Useful in combination with static IP feature for contingency situations, where you suspect data breach. It is also being made as a best practise by clinics at the time of closing.

For clinic chains it works across all its locations, in a click.

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In a nephrology clinic, patients came in for dialysis lasting anywhere from 2-3 hours. As clinical best practises go, vitals should be recorded every 30minutes by the nurse. To ensure easy compliance, you can have predefined casesheets ready for the nurses to fill out. For example, if the patient comes in a for an appointment of type “**outpatient dialysis” which is supposed to last 3 hours, Clinicea can auto pop-up a casesheet which has 6 groups of vitals** in it for the nurse to fill out by the time the visit is over.

This where the next complication arises. What if the nurse when filling out a set of vitals after 30 minutes, fills in the BP, Pulse, but misses out in filling the ‘Blood Flow Rate’? How do you ensure she fills in all the fields. Well, Clinicea lets you mark fields as “Required” i.e., input to this field can be made mandatory.

So, let’s say the dialysis starts from 1pm, data entry is supposed to happen at 130pm, 2pm, 230pm, 3pm, 330pm, 4pm i.e. 6 groups. Each group has the same set of data fields. So nurse is supposed to fill it at regular intervals. But because ‘blood flow rate’ is marked as a mandatory input in the casesheet, the system prompts you to entire it for all the 6 groups this field appears in the casesheet for. This leads the nurse to putting in a valid value for 130pm and 0 most likely for the 5 other groups whose time is yet to come – in order to save the visit. This too is a risk from a medico-legal point of view. What if she forgets to update the 0 to a valid number by the time the visit is over.

We finally have a solution for it. There is a new clinical item called “Required in Group”. If you switch it on for let’s say ‘blood flow rate’, then Clinicea will prompt you to enter it mandatorily only if other values in the group are being entered into as well. So, data is made mandatory in blocks rather in isolation. The nurse can fill out everything she needs to 130pm, and at 2pm should she fill half of the next group, Clinicea will remind her and make her fill out the ‘blood flow rate’ as well for the 2pm block of data. Holistic compliance with respect to data input is now possible. For any help in setting, it up for your clinic, please get in touch with us via support.

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Saudi Arabia Zatca invoice integration

QR coded Saudi Arabian compliant ZATCA invoices are now available in Clinicea.

ZATCA QR-code compliant Invoice layout exactly as per their sample.

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Active focus on patient engagement has seen patient portal being translated to new languages with a bunch of new features.

You can now setup custom signup and custom patient profile pages, with full control via permissions.

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Leads list can now have custom statuses with user defined colours.

Leads list layout made compact.

Option to quickly change status, and lead list now supported.

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For clinic chains, searching across all clinics made easier by putting ALL Clinics at the top and making it easily identifiable.

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2023 is going to be a year of integrations at Clinicea. A LOT of of popular platforms are being integrated into as part of the Clinicea API v3.0 push. 4 new ones listed below.


Updated on: 09/06/2023

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