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2022 September Release


Status of Confirmed Appointment & Scheduled Appointment were different shades of blue. To make the distinction easy on your eye, Confirmed Status is now changed to purple.

2nd Appointment reminder has been made smarter. It knows when to extend itself to your benefit. Let's say you set the 2nd reminder to go 7 days before the appointment. Then, on a Monday you create an appointment for Friday i.e. 5 days from now. In such a case, the 2nd reminder will go, even though there is just 5 days to go for the Appointment. Idea being, Customer should receive the 2nd reminder at least once if you have it switched on, to reduce the possibility of a No-show.

Earlier when a patient had multiple appointments, a single SMS reminder would go out to the patient with details of the first appointment. Now, you can have our support configure the email template to include the details of all the appointments of that patient, in that 1 single email reminder. The new SMS content can look something like this:

All paperwork, consent and feedback screens now have clinic logo.


You can jump to the patient details directly from the bill by just clicking on the name.

Notes if any written by your clinic colleagues will surface with a orange chat icon.

Invoices that are emailed by anyone in the clinic, get an email icon next to Bill To. It lets you track when a bill was sent out, with the option to resend the invoice as well.

Similarly a countdown to due date now visible for easy referencing as to when its time to follow-up with a payment reminder.

Several enhancements in Billing feature set too. Create a new bill by just clicking on "Copy Bill". Useful for repeat billing of the same patient.

Convert any proforma bill to a proper bill with the new option "Convert to tax invoice".

You can now create proforma/draft invoices for all kinds of bills. Earlier proforma invoices were limited to Package Bills only.

You can associate expenses related to a bill. Just scroll down to the left and link expenses.

This is how it looks when you open the expense.

For clinic chains, you can now collect payment for a specific clinic location. Payments now support explicit location setting.


CRM complete overhaul. You can add quick notes and setup follow-ups off the CRM list page.

CRM funnel charts replaced by a easy to understand analytics. Its customisable, and helps spot trends intuitively.

Merging of leads is now 1-click with auto detection of duplicate records. Just open the lead details and goto More options.


New concept of a Lab Team. You can put team members together to make team that will get notified each time a lab test is ordered, or when the results come in. Idea is to put the best service foot forward towards patients coming in for your lab services.


Medical Summary inside EMR generates a PDF for your patient to take home. The PDF document used to have all the clinical details but was short on branding. The summary document now gets branded with clinic logo and clinic details as the header on each page.

Merging of patients is now 1 click with auto detection of duplicate records. Just open the patient details and goto More options.

Searching for any item in EMR, does not throw any prompts. It instead shows the record is not found with the option to add it, in an unobtrusive manner.

EMR auto-calculators e.g. BMI, now support in multiple languages, i*ncluding Spanish.**

On Virtual assistant too, multi language support for EMR calculators has been added.


For clinics chains identifying the right clinic to search in made easier by displaying the clinic code before the clinic name.

Similarly, to make administration easier the dropdowns items are finally editable :)


Updated on: 15/01/2024

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