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2022 November Release

The big change in EMR is Imaging at the item level. Rather than asking answers by text, you can now also insert images as an answer to a question, or as a step in the checklist i.e. before or after image list. You can edit the image, preview it or delete it.

As part of continuous improvement process to keep working at the smallest of things to make Clinicea easier with every new version, comes this new change. you can now edit dropdown items, straight off the list. No need to goto Tools | Dropdowns. Click on Manage Items... at the end and make the changes you want to. Available across all modules in Clinicea now.

Similarly all grids are transitioning towards headers. We find navigation for absolutely new users to be much quicker with the headers to guide them when starting out.

In financial vouchers, you can now opt to provide more details regarding the payment mode.

Also you can opt to now have service descriptions copied over into Bills, Packages and quotations if required.

A thoroughly revamped callbox UI - under development for almost a year, now available to all enterprise clients.

Paperwork advanced permissions split in two:

Permission to delete paperwork. Only a senior staff or center manager should have the option to override the system and delete paperwork.

Permission to send manual reminders. Keep this permissions switched away from the hands of a trigger happy front desk staff. Reminders go automatically if switched on in communication preference. Sending manual reminders is usually not required.

A new feature has been developed to send out lab result notification only when all results of a single lab order is available.

Clinicea API 3.0 released. More enhancements to searching via API across most of the API calls.

Better integration to WhatsApp with auto opt-in for your existing patients.


Updated on: 09/06/2023

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