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2022 May Release

New website under development for 1+ year gets launched. Have a look 😊 Feedback welcome.

Clinicea’s integration with NABIDH - a program run for medical clinics in DUBAI, enters the Final SIT Phase.

Clinicea adds support for Insurance claiming for Abu Dhabi.

Clinicea join in as the Singapore NEHR program gets restarted.

Multiple new integrations added.


Support added for Emirates ID algorithm for clinics in Dubai. Inbuilt validation ensure human errors are eliminated.

You can now link a patient to a policy purchased by an employer, or one that was directly purchased from an Insurance company.

You can now opt to display the unique ID instead of the File ID for each appointment in the queue under Calendar Preferences.

**Insurance Group**

Concept of Insurance Group has been added. A corporate can now issue a new policy for its employees as earlier, OR it can link to an existing policy issued by an Insurance Group.

In the event of a linkup, details of the policy issued to the corporate can additionally be entered. This then gets copied over to all of the patients who belong to that Corporate. Note copy over happens only when you specifically link to that policy in patient details.

**New Fields in Insurance Policy**

Each service / Inventory item can now have 2 names
a. name as defined by the clinic
b. name as set by the Insurance company

Support also added for insurance price that is based on an agreement you enter into with the corporate. Further discount can be given on this price and displayed separately on the bill.

Each item can now be marked for mandatory approval. In such cases, when the item is billed, it is sent for Authorisation. Approval requires an insurance code to be put in. Rejection means the item will be auto removed from the bill. No payment is acceptable in the bill till such time all items are approved/rejected.

Note: If a bill has any items that requires authorisation from insurance company, you will not be able to accept any payment towards such a bill. Such items are marked with a label “Covered”.

**Insurance Follow-ups**

You can now setup rules such that auto checks are done to check if the patient visit is a follow-up visit. Follow-up visits are priced at 0. You decide the interval between visits which lets this check be initiated under Calendar Preferences. Make sure you give an interval that is lowest common setting as per any Insurance policy your clinic uses. 0 as interval is ignored.

Once this check is initiated, it auto checks the patient’s default policy for followup settings. This is controlled in the Insurance Policy.

Insurance Policy Copy

You can now in a click copy over all the details of an existing policy.


You have a new permission that lets you secure sensitive information like contact number and email id by masking it.


You can now set all your visits and notes to be set as Confidential by default. No other clinic team member will then be able to see the visit details.

You now have the option to alert your sales team in real-time if a treatment is recommended by the Practitioner. Helps in more effective follow-up and conversion.

You can now choose to send SMS/ Emails for Bills Only, Bill & Payments both, Only Bills OR Only payments.

You can now link your Instagram profile to your custom login page and online appointment booking page.


New integration with BAB International Corp for SMS services in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

New SMS integration for Oman with iSMART SMS Gateway.

You can now plugin your clinic’s own Amazon SES account for sending out emails.

New API calls to handle the following:

2-way sync of staff.

2-way sync of organisation.

You can now retrieve roster of each staff for the week.

Webhook support for quotations.

API to fetch details of all quotations created.


Updated on: 16/06/2023

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