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2022 March Release

Patient Note
If you have written an internal note for a patient, you can now see that note across searches, patient list and appointments. A orange "comments" icon** will appear. Click on it to see the comment.

Default Policy
You now have the option that whenever a membership is assigned to the patient, the financial policy linked to such a membership is added to the patient as well. This allows for discounts to be auto applied when you are billing the patient (to self mode). Such policies when assigned to the patient, will default to the policy number "000000", in the patient.

Last Name Mandatory
You can now opt to make the Last Name mandatory when registering a patient. This can be setup under Clinical Preferences.

You now have the option to set the default field for appointment search. It earlier used to default to mobile. But you can now have it setup to patient name, file no:, or mobile and more. Set it up as follows:

First goto Tools Organization | Open your clinic | Calendar Preferences

You can set it up in "Search Appointments in calendar by"

You now have the option to control if related paperwork should be sent to the Patient as soon as a package is assigned to the patient. You can opt to turn it off under Communication Preferences.

In EMR when recording History, you now have the option to record additional details e.g. onset date, active/inactive and comments.

Video call updated to handle upcoming changes in Google Chrome browser v100. Also several changes done to improve performance and video quality.

Under staff profile you now have the option of adding an additional ID OR License number. Will help with local compliance requirements. It is fully customizable.
First goto Tools Organization | Open your clinic | Clinical Preferences

Just look below registration number, you will find a label called "Rename Staff Unique ID Caption To"

New Integration with 3CX has been released.

New Integration to handle incoming SMS's from Twilio's account has been released.

Integration with with 2 new SMS gateways are released. Smart SMS for Dubai & iSmart SMS for Oman

Updated on: 15/01/2024

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