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2021 October Release

Insurance Policy Data Loader
You no longer need to request Clinicea Support for data uploading of insurance policy details. You can download the format, put in data and upload it – all by yourself. This is accessible from Tools | Addressbook | Open a corporate | Open a new/existing policy.

Policy Expiry Tag
Expired corporate policies can now be easily identified with the help of a sticker against the policy that has expired. This is visible in “patient demographics”.

Change in Billing Interface
You can now configure the bill screen to show only products at the time of billing i.e., services cannot be billed unless they are sold as a package. Prevents a common error in Aesthetic clinic – “where a staff ends up mistakenly creating a bill for multiple services when he should have created a package”. This can be setup in Financial preferences.

4. Advanced option in Financial Vouchers
You can link financial vouchers to patient & service categories. This can be used to split income and expenses by patient category and then by service category to. Will give you a granular view of what each category is contributing to the overall business. Accessible from Financials | Expense | New Income/Expense.

Proforma billing for non – package bills
In some countries you need to pay taxes as soon an invoice is created, even if no payment is received towards the invoice. To prevent your tax liability from ballooning, we now have the option that instead of regular invoices, only proforma invoices will be created by default. When payment against an invoice is received in full, the proforma will auto convert into a bill with the correct sequence no: It ensures that you only pay taxes on bills which are fully paid. This option can be configured under Financial Preferences.

Auto-orders now available for Packages with Lab Services
You can now create packages with lab services in them. As soon as they are sold, an investigation order is auto-created by including only relevant lab services inside the package. It loops in your lab technicians i.e., they can proceed to collect sample, record result, etc, with no bits of paper or manual intervention required. The whole process is fully automated based on the contents of the package that’s been sold. This can be enabled under Financial Preferences.

Tax calculation based on patients’ nationality for clinics in Middle East & GCC region
Clinics in Middle East & GCC region can now have a “tax-free” and “with-tax” automated billing mechanism. Residents are auto excluded from being charged taxes in billing, whereas non-residents are auto-charged. Removes a ton of clicks, and ensures human mistakes are eliminated forever. This can be setup under Financial Preferences. You also need to select the correct nationality for the patient under demographics.

Permission driven access to edit item quantities in custom package
You can now allow / disallow users to edit item quantities when billing a custom package. Useful if you want to combine multiple packages and change prices, but not allow any changes to the structure of the package. This is editable under Tools | Permissions.

Easy billing for Lab & Pharmacy walk-ins
You no longer need to register walk-in clients now before billing. Simply create a patient entity of your choice and set it as default. That patient will come up automatically at the time of billing. This option can be enabled by getting in touch with us on .

1. Profitability Analytics
We have made a new addition to the Analytics Dashboard, called “Profitability”. Now you can see your profits based on Circle, Clinic, Patient & Services category.


New SMS gateway for Ugandan clients available
Clinicea has now integration with the K2 Web SMS gateway for clients based in Uganda.

Courtesy SMS
You can enhance engagement with patients by reaching out with courtesy SMS’s post-completion of a visit. This can be switched on in the Clinic’s Communication preference. Sample:

Hello Cassandra,

Thank you visiting us on Wed, 29-Sep-21. Your consult for "Fillers" was handled by Dr. Bob Wilson. We wanted to check how things are at your end. Please feel free to reply to this email or call us at +1 400 5678 3421 with any feedback you may have.

Skin Perfect Clinic

3. Auto Reminders for Refills
Your patients no longer need to call up the clinic and check if their refill is due. They get alerted on SMS / Emails well ahead in time. This can be switched on in the Clinic’s Communication preference.

Hello Ajay,

Your refill is due for ""ZINKID 20MG TABLET 10 mg"". Please visit Wellness Clinic to receive it. Please be free to call at +919163714148.

Wellness Clinic

4. Lab Alerts
You can now set up Email & SMS alerts for Lab at various touch points. Clinic Team gets alerted as soon as an Investigations is ordered. Patients are alerted as soon as the results are available. Alerts are sent via email, SMS as well as desktop notifications in real-time.

_Preference to switch it on:_

_Clinic Team Internal SMS Notification_
Hi, Lab Tests for "24 HOUR URINE for CREATININE CLEARANCE and TOTAL PROTEIN" for Patient: Amal Kapoor has been ordered on Fri, 01-Oct-2021 3:23 PM by Dr. Shome in Wellness Clinic.

_Patient SMS Notification_
Hi, Your lab test report for "25-OH Vitamin D Testing (Serum) One" is ready. Click on the link to review your report.

_Patient Email Notification_
Hello Ajay,
Your lab test report for ""25-OH Vitamin D Testing (Serum) One"" is ready. Click on the link to review your report.

Wellness Clinic"

_Desktop Notification in real-time_ to Lab technician

Pharmacy Alerts

Similar to Lab Alert above. You can setup an internal clinic pharmacy team. They are notified as soon as a new prescription is generated via email/SMS as well as real-time desktop alert. is generated. Patient is also informed.

Better visibility in Past Others | Communication tab on EMR
The Communication Tab has been now split into SMS, WhatsApp, Email, Phone Call & Video Consultation for better visibility.

SMS & Email Content is now visible under Past Communications tab on EMR
The complete content of SMS & Email sent to patients can be easily accessed by just clicking on the SMS/ Email icon.

Change in Email / SMS subject for manual paperwork
Sending a manual paper work on SMS / Email will now have the subject as “**Clinic Paperwork”.**

Email & SMS bills based on patient category
You can now ensure that financial transaction SMS’s and emails are only sent to specific patient categories instead of all. Useful if you have patients to whom bills are not typically sent out i.e., corporate patients.

Enhanced Tracking of Sales
Now you can track the “account executive or manager” who brought in a client to your clinic by tagging the patient to the individual. This helps in evaluating performance, tracking sales, looking at sales trends and much more. This can be setup by first assigning a reporting structure under Tools | Staff.

Then opening the patient/lead profile and assigning the account executive.

Extended visibility for patient category
Patient category visibility is now available across all patient list pages i.e., bill list, payment list, patient list and so forth.

1. Select Practitioner & Resource on Mobile mode
You can now configure your calendar on a mobile too.

This is only a minor upgrade for mobile devices. A much bigger version is on its way 😉


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Updated on: 15/06/2023

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