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2021 November Release


1. Easy movement of appointments between clinics

You can now easily shift appointments from one clinic location to another by cut and paste. Earlier the cut and paste feature would not allow you to change locations.


1. Easy setup of multiple Insurance policies

Often you will get into multiple agreements with insurance companies offering the same set of services with minor price variations. In such cases, you need to create multiple different insurance policies under the same company. This can now be done easily. You can now copy an existing policy. Makes the few changes you need and upload it as a new policy.



1. Upload larger files

You can upload larger files as the file size limit has been increased from 6 MB to 15 MB.

2. Prominent visibility of patient notes

Internal comments if any for a patient appear in the snapshot summary in various places. To ensure it gets spotted easily, comments if present appears in bold and flash a few times to draw your attention towards them.

Communications Enhancements

1. Service Completion Emails

Alongside SMS, you can now also send emails to your patients as well, once a service is complete.


1. New API Calls for package appointments

When retrieving appointments via the API, you will also get a new attribute that identifies “Package Appointments”, specifically.

**This is just the beginning. A much bigger version is on the way** 😉😉.


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Updated on: 15/06/2023

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