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2021 May Release

1. E-mailing of Corporate Bills

Bills will be e-mailed to the patient even if it is paid by corporate.

2. New Feature to Edit or Copy Patient-Related Encounters

You will have the option to edit or copy the paperwork filled and submitted by the patient.


1. Paperwork 2.0 - Launched

A patient can view and complete all the pending paperwork of different dates, or different appointments, from any 1 single sms link.

Paperwork can also be managed by a Clinic Staff who has no access to the EMR, by using the Document Manager.

You can view Paperwork of a client from inside the EMR too.

To track if the patient has opened the paperwork link or not, has he started filling it out as yet, when was the link sent and by whom, did anyone in the clinic delete the paperwork, or change the workflow - everything can be seen in a click via Paperwork Logs.

You can now override the automated process by manually attaching paperwork to a client. Paperwork Support has been added in Document Manager, Patient Past Visits, Curofic Patient portal and more.

Adding paperwork via Document manager

Adding Paperwork via EMR

Patients can now save a long questionnaire midway as a Draft. They can then come back later to continue from where they left off.

You can now configure consent to be prompted only once per package. A new permission has also been added to ensure all staff is not allowed to delete paperwork or send paperwork due SMS reminders. Such permission should ideally be given to the Clinic Manager/Admin only.

New permission added to ensure you control if the patients can download their completed questionnaire and consent forms.


2. Patient Feedback 2.0

Patient will get emoticons, graphics, visual expressions for every positive feedback.

Patient will also get to give feedback from Curofic, the patient portal, from an SMS link, from Emails, from iPads in the Clinics, from standalone kiosks a Clinic may provide.

In case of a low feedback rating, an SMS/E-mail will be triggered to a centralized clinic team for action, that you have set up.

Feedback and Paperwork are now sent out as a single link in the SMS. Reduces SMS characters, resulting in savings for you. Also, the patient gets a 1 single SMS instead of the 2 they used to get, reducing clutter in their SMS box on the phone.

Feedback Link Expires - the patient will get 2 days by default to fill in the feedback. Post that the link will expire. It ensures feedback are current and in context. You can extend the expiry to upto 7 days.

Multiple feedback via a single SMS link can now be given. It ensures less clutter for the patient and communication bill savings for the clinic.


3. Scheduling

No Show/Cancelled appointments will now auto shrink. It creates space for the front desk to fill up the slot with another appointment.

You can create All-Day appointments. These are appointments without a time and will appear right at the top of the list.

Appointment Search now has many more parameters to search i.e. mobile, file no., service name, patient name, appointment comments, appointment status and appointment date.

New permission that ensures the user only gets read-only access to their calendar i.e. they can view not edit anything.

You can now hide the service duration on the Online booking page.


4. Curofic 2.0

Newly designed patient portal, with support for Paperwork, Feedback, Points and with many more new features.


5. Financial

Payment links can now be sent via E-mail as well.

Switch on the preference first

The client will then get SMS & Email link. Clicking on that opens the page below, with the option to Pay Online. This requires you to have set up a payment gateway in Clinicea. We support several such gateways.

A new preference has been created which auto-prompts to create a custom package if the quantity of service is more than 1. This reduces the chance of error at the time of billing i.e. a package will no longer accidentally get billed as a regular bill anymore.


6. EMR

eGFR is now available for including in your vitals. It gets auto computed for you based on gender, age, race and Serum Creatinine.

You can now mark a EMR visit as confidential. Such a visit will only be accessible to the Doctor who created it or to the Clinic Administrator. Enables you to handle VIP patients in the clinic while ensuring the strictest form of privacy is maintained.

Medical Summary now supports the Image Gallery option. Image Gallery will now include all images of a Patient, including those images which were uploaded in general and are not part of any encounter/visit.


7. Patient Demographics

Name gets auto capitalized - ensuring data entry and typo issues no longer creates clutter :)

Race & Ethnicity fields are now a searchable dropdown to choose from instead of a textbox where you had to fill out. It will speed up data entry, eliminate typo errors and improve reporting and data mining.

Sex now has a default option of "Blank" too, you can configure it to default to Male/Female. You also get to control if Sex should be mandatory for patient registration in your clinic or should be skipped.


8. Points & Membership

You can enable the option to use 2 factor-redemption. So when a patient tries to convert their points to a reward they will get an OTP that they need to give to the clinic staff. It ensures no one other than the patient, including the clinic staff, can touch the points balance of a patient, tightening the security for the redemption process.


9. SMS Communication

Impacts Indian Market only. There has been a complete overhaul of the way SMS's will get sent in India by TRAI. Every SMS template needs prior approval from TRAI. This process has been completed at Clinicea for all of the 150+ SMS templates. We have also gone ahead and done that for all our clients who had applied for individual Sender IDs via Clinicea.


10. Reporting

New reports added

Inactive Leads - leads which are marked as inactive for the selected date range

Appointment Feedback - All completed feedback between the selected date range.

Paperwork - All paperwork which was sent out in the selected date range. It will show both completed/due paperwork.


11. Telephony Integration

Integration available with Super Receptionist. You can see the patient/lead who is calling you in real-time inside Clinicea. In a click, you can see their details too. Very useful in personalizing your call.

Here is an example of a live call on your screen. In this case, the Clinic has taken the CRM module, so Clinicea in real-time searches for the incoming number against the Patient as well as the Leads database. Upon not finding a match, it gives the option to create a new Lead for you.


12. Google Calendar Integration Improved

Several improvements made

Clinicea Appointments now appear in a separate calendar inside Google Calendar.

Clinicea Appointments appear in a purple background color.

Recurring appointments in Google Calendar now get synced with Clinicea for as far out as the Year 2150 :).


13. Whatsapp Integration in Beta

You can now send Whatsapp messages instead of SMS or send both.

We have also set up a dedicated Whatsapp team that will help you with the process of setting up a Whatsapp Business Account. Get in touch with our support via chat or email for more information.


14. CUROFIC Android App version 1.6 Launched

This release optimizes the Video Calling performance in terms of transmission quality and interoperability, significantly reducing the time to render the first remote video frame, and improving the video experience under poor downlink network conditions.

We also have added support for IP6 networks (earlier it was IP4 only), AndroidQ devices, Android 11 devices, 64-bit devices, as well as the latest version of the Edge 80+, iOS Mobile Safari and Firefox 75+.

The app comes fully integrated with Payment Gateway, In-Clinic Appointments as well as Video Appointments. Prescriptions can be issued to patients after the video call and feedback availed.


15. Clinicea API New Updates

As new companies and developers integrate into Clinicea, we are happy to support the community with new APIs, feature upgrades and new development as required to ensure each project of our clients is a success. Here is the list of new API's added for the external user by the developer community:

Services/add service

Services/update service

Services/get changes

Tax/get changes

Inventories/get changes

Inventories/add stock

Inventories/reduce stock

Inventories/add product

Inventories/update product


16. Webhooks Launched

Real-time sync for 3rd party integrations using webhooks is now possible in Clinicea.


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