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2021 June Release


We have launched a new feature to mask the email address and contact numbers of the Patient. If your clinic wants to protect its patient database from being exported out by any staff members, you can turn on this feature.

This is how usually the patient contact details appear:


This is how it changes once you switch on the masking preference.

To switch it on goto Tools | Permission | Under Lead

and for Patient set it up as follows:

Save $ on SMS - short URL's are here

We have started a new service to shortern URL's going out in sms's. So next time you send a SMS to your patient, the link to Paperwork, Consent, Video Calling, Online Payment, and so forth, instead of the long URL's that used to go, it will be very short, less than 40 characters. Lower characters used in SMS, leads to lower billing and more savings for you.

Old Link:

New Link:


Cancel Appointment

You can now decide if users of the patient portal should have the option to cancel their appointment. This can be controlled at your end by way of a new permission Cancel Appointment.

Paperwork Improvements

Paperwork improvements have been done to support older versions of iPad Mini and iPhones. Better logging of actions by clinic staff and patients, manual support to override automation in sending out paperwork, as well as support for empty intake forms that only have consent associated with it.

Email Documents

Patient's can now view their Lab/Package/Quotes results online and securely email it to themselves. Bills and Payments were already available online for access and emailing.


You can now search inventory by SKU across Clinicea. Earlier it was by Name and code only.


1. Easily identify if paperwork or feedback is due.

The paperwork and buttons appear with a red highlight on the calendar page if any of these are pending.


2. Improvement in Callbox.

Calls from unknown numbers will now be categorized by captioning as ‘Name Unknown’ for better tracking and reporting.


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Updated on: 16/06/2023

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