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2021 July Release

We have some minor updates to the major release we had earlier in July.

For Singapore based clinics, NRIC validation has been added. So each time you enter a NRIC for a patient, the system checks if it's valid number. Also, when making an online appointment, patients have to mandatorily provide a Passport or a NRIC in Curofic.

Patient registration screen has been simplified with collapsible sections. By showing you only the relevant data only, registrations will speed up.

Some clinics prefer to get the patient paperwork completed on a tablet, after the patient comes in. For such clinics, you can now unlock the tablet and review the filled paperwork in a single click.

You can also do this with post-treatment feedbacks

The intake forms now support mandatory fields. So, you can setup a rule that patients have to provide their DOB and mobile no: when filling out an intake form. While you may make these same fields optional for your clinic staff. There are lots and lots of such smart fields available for linking, after the last update.

When emailing print templates, the email subject will come based on the document type i.e. package details for a printout of a package. Earlier it used to a generic subject line.

Compare Visits printouts are more compact.


Smart fields in EMR, Auto computing formulas for quantitative assessment, Longitudinal and Latitudinal EMR visit comparisions, confidential fields, mandatory fields, new permissions - this release comes packed with EMR enhancements.

But that's not all. Improvements in Paperwork, new preferences in online booking, as well as new ability to make outgoing calls off your browser, there's lot in here for all our clients. :). We are happy to arrange refreshers and training sessions on these points or anything else you want. please feel free to get in touch via chat or by emailing us

**Formulas - your EMR just got smarter**

You can setup formulas which gets auto computed in the case sheet. You can sum up a particular group of clinical items, or a sub-section with a group, or an entire clinical section with multiple groups in it. You can enter text or numbers, or select values from a dropdown in the items, and see the magic happen. Will help you with quantitative assessment questionnaires.

That's not all. You can also mark the formulas to be confidential i.e. not visible to patients. You may want to make assessments based on the result of the formula, and keep this entire process of arriving at a diagnosis, confidential. This too can be enabled when setting up the formula.

**EMR Visits can now be compared**

A brand new feature "Compare visits". You can now from past visit notes, select the option to compare visits. On the new window, select your date range, a casesheet of your choice and watch the comparison sheet prepared for you. All of this configuration can be setup as your default. So, that next time onwards you see the result without any clicks. Upto 12 visits can be compared, printed and emailed at a time.

Multiple casesheet comparisons can be done at the same time on different tabs.

**EMR Smart Fields are here**

You can now insert smart fields in a casesheet. They work just like any other field as far as entering data is concerned. So both you as well as the patient (via intake forms) can input in it.

Behind the scenes, these fields go on to update patient demographics such as mobile number, patient name, DOB, address details, and many more. Medical data too can inserted i.e. allergies, parity, LMP and pregnancy status. This will let you design forms where bulk of the entry can be done at the patient's end via the virtual assistant module. Clinic staff can always review and edit this information based on permissions.

EMR now has a mandatory input feature

Since you can send out intake forms to patients to fill out, we have now added the ability to mark some of the input fields as mandatory. So you know for a fact that the business rules of your clinic are followed when the forms are being filled.

**Delete EMR Visits**

Delete visit use to be clubbed with the permission of "EMR | Edit Past visits". It now has a separate permission, "Tools | Permissions | Allow Deletion of Past Visits". By default it will be checked on for all users who had the edit past activity permission earlier.

**Paperwork Changes**

Paperwork can now be deleted even after a patient fills it in. Its based on permissions ofcourse. If the patients decides to change their mind about taking up the service, after filling the paperwork, you can now delete it.

Make outgoing calls off your browser

Just click on the phone number of the patient or lead and get connected with them on your phone. Yes, its that simple. All you need is an integrated SuperReceptionist account.

Online Booking Comments can be mandatory

You can now opt to rename the comments field which the patient sees at the time of making a online booking. It can also be made mandatory.


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Updated on: 15/01/2024

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