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2021 February Release

All the 🤩🧨shiny 🆕 features get mentioned here first :).

**Google Calendar 2 Way Sync - Beta Launch**

Google Calendar is widely used on mobile phones by health practitioners to have a look at their day's schedule. Clinicea already offered a 1 way sync with Google Calendar, but the syncing frequency could not be controlled by us. It was upto Google, and they would sync once every 12-16 hours.

We have just released a 2 way sync between Clinicea and Google Calendar. Once every hour your appointments in Clinicea will get pushed out to your Google Calendar. Similarly any new changes you make to your google calendar events will get pulled over to Clinicea.

Note: We do not allow you to edit any google calendar events that you see inside Clinicea to ensure accidental changes by a receptionist does not alter your schedule. Similarly Clinicea appointments in Google Calendar should not be edited by you. So this means edit google events in google calendar, and clinicea appointments in Clinicea, to keep things simple. The 2 way sync is done in order to provide you a holistic view of the day.

This feature is now in Beta and will be available on request.


**Insurance and Patient CoPay Splits**

A completely redesigned user interface to make the split between corporate and patient easier to understand.


Patient Demographics


Now there are 2 kinds of categories

Patient Category: This is what you set in the patient profile. You can search for patients by patient category in various places.

Service Categories: this is an auto generated field. Each time you complete an appointment which has a service, or bill a service - the category that service belongs to auto appears in here. It is not editable by you. This is going to be very useful as we build on cross functional sales analytics for you.


The date you made the patient inactive is now recorded and displayed. This allows for easy understanding of how long has the patient been inactive for. The reason for being inactive is now a editable drop down list - this will let you input the common reasons for a patient becoming inactive. These reasons can then help us run reports for you and help in identification of the root causes behind the inactive patient-set in your clinic.


Online Feedback

Several new changes introduced in online feedback

If a patient has 3 appointments on the same day, Clinicea will now send out only 1 feedback sms to the patient. Using the link in that sms the patient can give 3 different feedback i.e. one for each of the services.

Feedback links auto expire after 2 days by default. You can set it to any value between 1-7 days. So now when you send off the feedback sms to the patient, the link in it will only work for lets say 2 days. A patient can't go back a month/year and in retrospect decide to leave feedback. We realized that giving away a open link can lead to poor reviews that come in much later for unrelated issues.


And some more...


Appointment search now offers you to search against multiple fields i.e. patient name, mobile, file number, unique id, service name, comments, status and sources.

Online booking has a new preference - to hide the service duration from patients.

Payment Terms

Payment terms now supports upto 6 installments ( earlier it was 4). You can also now generate back dated payment terms.


Support added in the API's for some exciting new mobile apps being developed by 3rd party developers. Such as, you can retrieve the entire patient list in incremental chunks, select only a subset of doctors based on whether they take online appointments, video consultations, or in clinic appointments only.


A new role added for "Locums".


We have been working for the past 1 year on the biggest release of Clinicea to date. Drawing to a close now, with last 4 months being only about testing, testing, testing and more testing. It's coming soon.🤐

Updated on: 15/01/2024

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