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2018 March Release

Speed, Speed, More Speed
Everything in Clinicea, from login to EMR, to saving a bill, to opening a report, each and everything, has been microscopically studied for performance. I am happy to share that “each and every page” you will see in Clinicea has been reduced in size by a factor of 10. Yes! By 10 times. Compared to the average web page size of 3000 KB, for the year 2017, no Clinicea page is now more than 200 KB, most are just at 50KB, i.e., only 1% of web pages are this small worldwide.

Ref: Speed Curve

Responsive Design
Every UI you see has been redesigned to be light-weight, blazingly fast and made ready for iPads, iPhones, androids, and multi-browser. We have sourced the best software components from a multitude of vendors from across the globe, with just 1 focus– is this the best chart, the best scheduler, the best image library, the best letter writer and so on and so forth. It required us to redesign every webpage from scratch, resulting in 80+ hour per week for the Dev team for 12+ months now, but we are finally here. We have been comparing Clinicea’s UI with the QuickBooks for inventory management, Xero for Financials, Google Calendar for Scheduling, and on and on, with the same question being posed each time. Does Clinicea’s UI, upon a comparison, come off as the easier of the two? If we could not get a team to say yes to Clinicea, we knew we had more work ahead of us and this is exactly what we have been up to. Now after almost more than a year of work, we believe we can say, Yes, to each and every comparison and come off better. We do so responsibly, knowing, that every parent loves their child, and so will every company love their own Product. So the truth will be decided by you, how will you find the new version of Clinicea, is it good enough to make you fall in love with it?

Real-Time Notifications
We love the effectiveness of Twitter, and could finally afford the resources to build the best of Twitter into Clinicea, for you :). Presenting before you, “real-time” push notification in your browser. So what is the mumbo jumbo? It means when a Patient walks into your waiting area, while you are busy consulting someone else, you get a real-time notification, and an audible alert (you can switch off both if required), on your mobile, tablet, or laptop, or if you want, informing you that a patient has right at this moment walked into the clinic to see you. Nobody needs to do anything. It will just happen, just like Twitter shows you news updates in real-time without needing as much as a click from you :). This is just the start, coming in the next set of versions are, these level of real-time updates for Pharmacists to make them aware of new prescriptions as they get prescribed, for Lab Technicians – the samples they need to collect as they get ordered. Just imagine an extra super-intelligent team member joining you at the clinic, informing each member of your team what’s happening and guiding on what needs to be done next. We are actively embracing Artificial Intelligence into various aspects of Clinicea, to create a competitive edge for you so Superior that the level of service that your clinic can offer will become un-surpass-able.

Organizational Changes

A User can now work across Multiple Clinics
It is finally here. 1 Staff can be assigned to work not in 1, but in multiple clinics. Actually, you can also assign 1 Staff member to work in a circle, where a circle can encompass a set of clinics, for example, Bob, a Regional Manager for Wellness International, can be assigned to work in a Circle called “East US” that will cover New Jersey, New York, and Washington. This will allow Bob to run reports for East US Clinics only, switch around and have a peek at any of the clinics that are part of that circle, and more.

Earlier on we had the concept of Level 3 Permissions whereby either a Staff had access to his own Clinic, OR, to all the clinics in the group. However, these new features remove the need to have Level 3 Permissions for a Staff Role. Because now you can select the clinics each individual staff can work in. This means you can now, for the first time, also allow each Staff to operate on a different roster for each of the Clinics he/she has been authorized to work in.

Organizational Preferences
Organizational Preferences have been redesigned with the very large Clinic Chains in mind. They have been split into 2 parts.
Preferences Common to All Clinics in the Group.
Preferences Unique to each Clinic in the Group.

This allows for 1 click application of policy decisions taken at the HQ while retaining granular control at the Clinic Level.


Oh, where do I begin? We have changed everything behind the scenes, to bring for you, the lightest, fastest, appointment booking page that is technically possible. You can run the Clinicea Scheduler on iPads, old iPhones, and of course androids, mac, Linux, multi browsers and more :). The look and feel have been fully revamped by reviewing the best of the best schedulers that are out there from the Microsofts and Googles. So you now get to see why a staff is away (leave, break, or plain right busy!), you can see appointments across multiple clinics in a single view, you can see the current time, you can in a click find out how important a Patient is, how often they visit, how much they have paid to date – to identify the VIPs, how much is due, who do they prefer to deal with in the Clinic and more – all of this in 1-click.

Leads now available in the Scheduler
If you have a lot of walks-in from your marketing campaigns, we now have a new option for you. You can opt-in to include searching for leads (+ patients) when making an appointment. Conversion of the lead to a patient will still follow your preset policy i.e. upon billing, or upon payment.

Available to Enterprise Plans only. To enable just check on the new preference Organization | Preferences: Calendar | check on, Allow searching of Leads also when making an appointment.

Appointment History

You can now open up an appointment and see a detailed log of what was changed in it and by who. You can also see the triggers that resulted in an email/SMS being sent along with the contents of such a communication.

Also by default, rather than showing who just created the appointment, by default the Appointment screen shows who last updated the Appointment. This helps so that in case things have changed, you can drill in to see the log of Appointment Changes.

Appointment Source
An appointment is usually made at the front desk by the receptionist. However as clinic touch-points with a patient expands, an Appointment can also be made in many other ways.

Reduce Clutter on the Scheduler
You can now opt to hide Cancelled and No-Show Appointments. This visually frees up slots for you to quickly figure out which are the empty slots to be filled in. Enable it in Organization | Preferences: Calendar | check on, Hide No-Shows and Cancelled Appointments.

Automation of Appointment Status to ‘Engaged’
Whenever you open a Patient’s Schedules appointment for today, the status of the appointment will change to “Engaged”. It no longer matters if the appointment status was Scheduled or Waiting, prior to the opening of the medical chart.

Track the Patient Movement without a click
In polyclinics, sometimes the workflow of a patient visit gets extended if Investigations are ordered or Prescriptions issued. The flow then becomes as follows, Patient comes into the waiting area, is consulted by the Practitioner who orders some investigations from the in-house lab, and prescribes Rx for dispensing from the Pharmacy. At this point, the consultation is complete and Patient goes back to the waiting room to wait for the next step. Problem is the front desk on a busy day can lose track of what each Patient in the waiting room is waiting for. Not anymore. Clinicea auto tracks each Patient’s visit and will show up orange icons for Pending Lab and Pending Rx. The reception can click on the icon to see what exactly is pending. Once the lab work is done, the Pending Lab icon auto turns into green. Same goes for Rx as well.

New Statistics available for every Appointment
Once the patient is checked out, additional information about the appointment becomes available such as how long the patient has visited the clinic for, and of that time, how much was spent waiting.

Multi-Day Appointments
In case you are running a nursing home, or providing long-term care, or home visits, where the length of the duration can stretch beyond a few hours, to a few days, you can now have that supported too in Clinicea. Just goto Organization | Preferences: Calendar | check on, Allow Multi-Day Appointments.

Calendar for the extra-LARGE Clinics

Not every clinic is the same, as our Clients get bigger, so should the support for them in Clinicea. With that in mind, we introduce “Scheduler Paging”. You can now control the number of resources and Practitioners you want to look at any given time. For example, if you have 15 Practitioners working at a single location, you can opt-in to say you will look at 5 at a time, and scroll the list as required. It allows you to manage as many numbers of Practitioners as you need, even on a small computer screen.

Services can now directly have Colors and Duration even without Appointment Templates

Services can be color-coded, with duration set, directly from within the service, without the need to link or create to Appointment Templates. Makes the process of setting color-coded services a breeze.



Clinicea case sheet technology has been loved by many clinics who have used them to build custom checklists, intake questionnaires, follow-up protocols, and more. Problems started arising when Functional Medicine Practitioners started building out 30 page long clinical forms using case sheets. We felt the EMR needed a bit of a maintenance to scale up to such gigantic numbers. This is phase 1 of the maintenance process.

We have revamped the EMR with a lot of focus on the look and feel. All actionable buttons are now grouped in a single unified toolbar, no more scattered options here and there. Smart use of shadows to elevate focus on key parts, and relegate the extra info to the background.

Also in a long case sheet, finding the precise Clinical Section can result in a lot of scrolling of the mouse, up and down. Not anymore, bookmarks help you reach where you want to be, with a click.

Today’s Services now available inside the EMR

You can now get to see the services for which a patient has come in from inside the EMR, even if some of the services are with other Practitioners. You can add additional services, products, even packages inside the EMR. And the best bit? All of this flows in the final bill of the Patient, no sweat.

Patient Change Tracking

Gone are the days when you had to contact our support to find out who edited the Patient Demographics. Just open the patient details, and in 1-click _(Patient Change History)_ get to see who created the patient, who modified the details, which details were modified and more.

Everything is in the Name
Wellness and Aesthetic Clinics often do not want to call their Clients as Patients. You can now rename the Patients in the EMR to what you prefer – Guest, Client, Player, anything. Ditto for Practitioner, rename it to Physician, Therapist as required. Changes are reflected in printouts, displays, in Online Booking, basically everywhere.

Letter-Writing on the best HTML Editor out there

We are introducing a new HTML editor – the box where you write in your letters. Its very lightweight, extremely powerful and used by the most popular blogging site in the world right now (

A patient can belong to multiple categories
A patient can be assigned more than 1 category, helping out in filtering and searches.

Recalls have a tighter integration to Appointment
Now when you create a recall, the appointment that gets auto-created, will also display in comments, the no: of weeks after which the Practitioner had asked the patient to come.

Smarter Patient Source

The patient source need not be just a bunch of text. You can now set the patient source to another patient, lead, campaign, or an external contact.

Find out where a Clinical Item is used
Over a period of time, you can end up creating thousands of clinical items. Finding out the usage of each can be painful. Now all you need to do is, open a clinical item, and click “Where am I used” – it will give you a list of all clinical groups the item is used in.

Quick Details in Medical Summary

You now get a quick snapshot of Patient’s allergies, Pregnancy Status, Last Visit, Recalls due, and the next appointment – all in a single snapshot view in Medical Summary

Manually input EDD
We had the option to input Expected Due Date based on LMP or USG. We have now also added a new option of entering it Manually. You get completed control.


Package Appointments

Identifying appointments that contain package items are a breeze, with a dedicated icon appearing on Appointments “P”. Also, you now can generate Appointments for the Package being sold, even if the Package has no default interval set. You now get a custom Scheduling window built for Packages, wherein you can mass generate appointments, and retain granular control over changing a date, time or Staff if required.

Package Expiry Automation
You can now set an expiry date in packages ex: 2 years. Clinicea will then auto close of the package and pass adjustment bills if required. It removes the scope for human error and reduces your liabilities.

Payment Term Automation

Do you sell packages where payment is in installments? Does it complicate the life of your cashier and front desk team? No sweat, introducing Payment Terms. Simply tell once to Clinicea what % should your client pay and after how many days/month. Repeat it for each installment. That’s it. Now sit back and let Clinicea take over. It will make sure billing goes through only if sufficient payment is being given, and it will guide the cashier on how much payment should be collected and when should it be collected. This is feature is only available if you are using “Proforma mode of Invoicing” for Packages.

New Permission “Allow New Payment”
You can disable users from accepting new payments unless it is for a specific set of services. This can be useful if you have a cashier who is not really following the set processes. Set this up and he will be forced to offset payments against outstanding invoices or take an advance against specific services. He cannot just take in money without specifying the service or bill he is taking the money for.

Transaction Summary
The bills, payments and even stock vouchers are now clickable on Transaction Summary. You can jump in to see details in 1-click

Day Closing
The daily closing used to list the receipt details. Now it also includes the Patient details to help you spot the paper receipt easily.

Auto-generation of Numbers

The invoice, receipt, stock orders, debit, and credit note numbers can now be set to be auto-generated with a host of new preferences e.g. clinic code, financial year, and your preferred prefixes.

UI Redesign

Bill UI and Authorisation UI have been fully redesigned to make them much more simple.


You can now auto-generate promotion codes based on the financial year you are issuing them, the clinic code, and more.

*Now support Minimum Spend
You can now offer special promotions that come into effect only when you spend a minimum amount on a single bill.

*Smart Filtering
In Billing, Promotion now gets auto-filtered based on eligibility of the Patients and the items that are being purchased. Fully automated, save searching time, and eliminates human error.


*Separation of Purchase and Redemption Points
You can now configure separate redemption value and purchase value for the Points Management System.

*Manual Points
You can set up special cases under which points can be given to a Patient i.e. you define the reason and the number of points to be given for each such reason. Once set up, other team members who are authorized to give manual points can choose the reason for such a giveaway from your list (of reasons).

*Loyalty Points by Service Category
You now have the option to vary the number of points a Client will accumulate based on whether he is buying one of your high margin service or a low margin service.


CallBox Revamped
We have used colors to split the CallBox UI into small parts. So that the mental pauses are completely eliminated. Your Call Center team will save time and focus on what really matters, the Client, not the software.

Incoming SMS AutomationThe contents of an incoming SMS is now read by an intelligent bot. The bot based on the content can schedule a callback for the patient from the Clinic, confirm an existing appointment, or cancel an appointment, all of this handsfree. Available only in select countries. Read more.

Add new lead
You can opt to override the search results and create a new lead from CallBox.

“Do not follow up” disposition support
There is now an option for selecting the reason as to why a lead does not want a followup. This is very useful for reporting later on.


Marketing Campaigns

Log your media campaigns in the CRM. Put in your cost, and revenue and also use them to track conversion of Leads to Patients. Artificial Intelligence and automated bots are coming in this area, some outstanding features ahead.


Inventory Quantity Tracking

In order to figure out why the quantity of a particular inventory is what it is, you had to go through the Stock Transaction Detail Report. While it served the purpose, but this version is all about making things smooth. So we have for you 1-Click Inventory Adjustment History. Just open the inventory, and click on the History button. You get to see all the transaction particular to that inventory item.


Many, many a times we have had Clinics ask us to help them with loading their revised set of inventory quantities. While we have excel loaders for them, we did realize from the feedback, that an easier way needs to be supported. So here we are, with a brand new Stock-take user interface. Just open it, it auto lists all your inventory and batches. Put in the revised quantity and click save. You can backdate the stock take too :).

Purchase Order (PO)
It’s finally here. You can now generate automated POs for all the stock that needs re-ordering, against a vendor, in a click. Email the same to the vendor and accept your stock when the same arrives, this too in a click :). Of course, the more extended scenarios of having a 2 level system check before accepting stock, auto-generation of debit and credit notes, recording stock purchases as expenses, auto-assignment of Vendor to Inventory, and Vendor Financial Management is also here.

Miscellaneous Features
You can now attach an image for Inventory items.


Assign Lab/Radiology
You can in Investigation Master point out which of the Investigations belongs to a Lab, and which to Radiology. This then gets picked up when the Practitioner is ordering an investigation. The ordered investigations will be auto-routed to the predefined lab.

At the time of sample collection, you can override the pre-selected lab and instead route the sample to a specific Lab of your choice, from your Address Book.



You now have the option to either Bill and Dispense in the Pharmacy, OR in case you operate a centralized billing desk, you can now just have a dedicated dispensing desk in Pharmacy. The pharmacy module in Clinicea instead of billing will show you a window where you can put in dispensing details.


Reports and Exporting

Gone are the days where you could export only 2000 rows at a time. Now just fire up the report you want, set a date range, and then hit export. We have put in place dedicated servers whose only job is to export data for you, 24*7*365. So you get the data you need, when you need it, in the click of a button. Please note, you will be restricted to exporting data in 1-click for a date range of 1 month initially. This limit will be gradually raised to 6 months, to 10 week post-release, based on usage patterns.

Visualizations that are built super quick and super light
New Charting component has been introduced, to make sure your graphs are lightweight and easy to access on tablets.


Role-based API Access

Earlier when you issued an API Key to your IT vendor, it gave them administrator access to your system. Not anymore. You can assign role-based access to each API Key you are generating.

Organization Break-Hours
You can set the hours of the day when the Clinic may be closed for break ex: lunch. This will get reflected on the Clinic Calendar and will also show Staff as unavailable during those hours on the scheduler and in Curofic.

Anniversary Date
You can setup greetings and promotions to be sent on the Patient’s anniversary.

Enterprise Data Access for Clinic-Chains
As some of the Clinics scale up to a sizeable no: of locations (50+), they have had requirements to integrate many other systems with Clinicea, to back up their entire system offline, essentially needing requesting a more direct access to their data, on demand. We are happy to let you know that this option is now available as a Premium service in Clinicea. Pricing starts at $1299 per month for a dedicated database. Contact our support team for more information.

Vanity URLs
You now have the option to stake a claim to a vanity URL for your clinic. Let’s say your clinic name is Healthy Hearts, you can, therefore, reserve the following URL’s
[]( for the EMR for the online appointment booking page

Vanity URL’s are free, so claim them now by emailing that you want to reserve your vanity URL right away.

Updated on: 16/06/2023

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