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2018 June Release


Welcome to the all new Reporting Page. Aesthetics has been improved, icons added to highlight categories, and report description now available on hovering on the “i” icon next to the report name. Tabs have been also been introduced, allowing each report to open in its individual tab. It makes for easy comparison.

**Cancel Package**

We have simplified Package billing by merging multiple operations into 1 single approach. Auto Close Package, Manual Close Package, Cancel Package, Change Package, Downgrade Package, Upgrade Package, Upgrade Service to Package have now all been consolidated to a single, simple operation, which is Cancel Package. At the time of cancellation you can choose from one of the 3 options:

(a). Simply Cancel the original package. The original bill is reversed, and a new bill is generated which only includes those service items that were completed and those products that were dispensed. Incomplete items are not billed. No penalty is charged for such a change in the package.

(b). Cancel and charge a Flat Penalty for cancellation. Same as (a), in addition, a flat penalty amount is charged.

(c). Charge for the services consumed at list price without any discounts. Same as (a), in addition, a penalty amount is computed and charged. A penalty is computed by adding back any discounts that were availed off by the Patient for services completed and products dispensed. Incomplete items are not billed and no penalty charged for them.

**Transaction History**

You have more options to filter through the Transaction History. You can choose to view All Transactions at one go, or further break it down to just the Due Bills and Paid Bills.

**Client History from CallBox**

Getting past information for a client is now a lot easier when using Callbox. You do not have to change windows to look in different places for different information. Everything is now available in 1-click, by clicking the Past Visits button. This opens the Past Visits section on the right, just click each section to access relevant Patient Data.e..g Activities, Appointments, Assessments, Bills, Files, Immunisations, Investigations, Packages, Recalls, Treatments and more.

**Appointment Search simplified**

Searching for any Past/Future Appointments now comes with the option of shortcuts for time period i.e. 3m, 1y, or All Appointments.

**Patient Can be Permanently Deleted**

GDPR is a new legislation to data protection introduced by EU. It expands the rights of individuals to control how their personal data is collected and processed. It places a range of new obligations on organizations to be more accountable for data protection. One such obligation is to support the Patient’s right to erasure ie on request from the Patient the Organization should Permanently Delete patient information. This is now supported in Clinicea, along with a host of such new measures.

**Medical Summary simplified and made Superfast.**

The Medical Summary section on the EMR has been simplified further and also loads much faster than before. Now you can get a quick overview and jump to the section that is most important to you.

**Gift Cards Introduced (Beta)**

Gift Cards can enhance the impact of any marketing strategy, allowing you to broaden your appeal to prospects, strengthen relationships with customers, and enhance your profitability — all while positioning you to compete with your competitors. The majority of gift card recipients spend nearly 40 percent more than the face value of the gift card they receive. This is now introduced in Clinicea so that you too can reap the benefits of this. Access to this is currently limited as this is in Beta Phase.

**Clinic’s Privacy Policy**

With GPDR (EU Region) coming into force on 25th May 2018, Clinicea is now offering its clients to add their Clinic’s Privacy Policy with Clinicea so that they are compliant with this directive. Clinics will be able to issue their Privacy Policy notice to their existing patients and record the compliance results in Clinicea and when registering New Patients, it is mandatory to record Patient’s consent status to the Clinic’s Privacy Policy.

**New Patient Portal (Beta)**

The Patient Portal in Clinicea is a feature that gives a Patient access to their Medical Records online. The Patient can view Prescriptions, Investigations, Assessments, Scheduled Appointments, Bills, Treatments, so on and so forth. Patient Portal is extremely beneficial to the patient as it helps the Patient in following given diagnosis accurately. It also keeps all Medical Record data safe, as it is saved digitally and in one place. Paper-based medical records are reduced dramatically.


In the Service, Package and Inventory Details page, when you click on “Applies To” button, we also show the name of the item as the item name can change from clinic to clinic. This is particularly helpful for Clinic Chains.

A Practitioner can now type into Frequency any number ex: “4”, and put in the duration i.e. 7 days, the quantity will be auto-calculated for you i.e. 28 Tablets.

Staff Members now have to option to Display immunization history in the Medical Summary Section. This is useful to be switched on for a Pediatrician or for a GP who wants to track immunizations.

When creating a Package, you will now see the tax amount calculated while you set the price for the package. Also, when adding any service to a Package, the tax percentage is displayed if the Service price is inclusive of Taxes.

Updated on: 09/06/2023

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