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What is the function of the various Permissions in Investigation

Let us review in detail the permissions for the Investigations module.

1. Lab
Your Clinic may have an internal Pathology Lab and a Radiology with different Technicians assigned to each. This permission lets you control if the user should have access to the Path Lab related functions or not. It should be given to the Path Lab Technician, as well as to Nurses who draw blood and record results, and of course to Doctors who need to view the results.

2. Radiology
Same as above, the only difference being, this concerns with Radiology Investigations only and not Pathology Lab. Give this permission to the Radiology Technician, Nurses, and Doctors.

3. In-Tray
This lets the user see the results of the Patient Investigations that were ordered earlier. Against each result, the user can then decide to order a followup or archive it. This permission should be given to the Doctors only.

4. Collect Samples
This lets you collect investigation sample from the Patient and store it in a container and label it: eg. collect blood for a CBC. This permission should be given to the Lab Technicians in charge of collecting Investigation samples.

5. Bill Investigation Order
This allows you to bill Investigations for walk-ins. This permission should be given to Cashier or Receptionist in charge of billing walk-in Patients who have come to get investigations done at your Lab.

6. Record Results
This allows you to record results for an Investigations once the results are available. This permission should be given to the Lab Technicians as well as to Nurses to feed in Investigation results into Clinicea.

7. Edit Investigation Records Older than 7 days
This allows you to edit Investigation results that have been recorded within the last 7 days. This permission should be given to the Senior Lab Technician responsible for Quality Control, to make edits in case mistakes that are identified during a review of recorded results.

8. Follow-up Patient
This allows you to take follow-up actions suggested by the Doctor, for Patients who have had results that are positive, abnormal or on borderline. This permission should be given to Nurses in charge of followups.

9. Search
This allows you to search for all Investigations that have been ordered for. This permission should be given to the Doctor, Receptionist, Nurses, and Technicians.

Updated on: 14/06/2023

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