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What is the function of the various Permissions in Inventory

Let us review in detail the permissions for the Inventory Module.

1. Update Stock Manually
This allows the staff to update the Inventory stock manually. This permission should be given to the Pharmacist who may require periodical updating of Inventory stock during a stock take.

2. Inventory Authorizations
This allows you to Authorize the Inventory stock received from another clinic or Vendor. This permission should be given to the Pharmacist or Accountant. They can then verify the Physical Quantity of each Inventory item received with the Quantity mentioned in the Stock Voucher.

3. Edit Inventory master Data
This allows you to make edits to the Inventory Items. This permission should be given to Clinic Administrators or Pharmacists, who are allowed to change the various details associated with an Inventory Item like Pricing, Batch Details, Dispensing mode and also add new products to the Inventory.

Updated on: 14/06/2023

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