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What is the function of the various Permissions in Finance

Let us review in detail the permissions for the Finance Module.

1. Delete Financials
This allows you to Delete Invoices that have been generated incorrectly. This permission should be given to the Clinic Administrator as deleting of financials must be done with utmost care.

2. Advanced Bill Options
This permission gives you a set of advanced options with regards to Billing. If this permission is switched ON, the user can Exchange Bill, Cancel Bill, Write-Off a Bill and Delete Bill. This permission should be given to the Senior Accountant or Clinic Administrator as it allows amendments to Invoicing.

3. Advanced Payment Options
Like advanced Bill Options, this permission gives you advanced Payment options. Allowing the user, the option to Cancel Payment and Refund a Payment. This permission should be given to the Senior Accountant or the Clinic Administrator as it includes outflow of money from the Clinic.

4. Allow Closing for the Day.
This permission allows you Close the transaction for the day and gives you a summary of the total Billed amount and the Payment received against it. It further breaks down to show the total amount received through Cash Payment, Credit Cards and so on. This is very useful for the Accounting team as they can instantly match the amount showing in the system against that in the Cash Register. This permission is generally given to Accountants or the Clinic Center Manager.

5. Allow New Payments
This permission allows you to accept new payments for any services or packages sold. This is helpful especially in cases where a single patient has multiple bills due and is making a full payment of it. This will distribute the payment correctly to the bills due and close the bills as paid. Also helps is accepting advance payments.

6. Allow Giving Manual Points.
This permission is only applicable to clinics where you have a Membership Loyalty Program running. This feature will allow you to add loyalty points to a patients’ membership account manually.

7. Create/Edit Bills and Payments Older than 7 Days
By default, all users who have access to the Finance module are allowed to create/edit bills in the past. However, they can only go back as far as 7 days. This permission allows you to create and edit a Bill or Payment that are older than 7 Days. It should be given to the Senior Accountant, as this option can be used to handle exceptional incidents.

8. Change Bill Item Price
This permission allows the end user to change preset Services and Inventory prices at the Bill level. Do not give this permission to anyone as you ideally do not want your staff to be changing prices at the bill level. In case they need to make changes to the Item price for a customer, they can use the discount field instead. This permission must be switched OFF** for Clinic level users.

9. Edit Discount
Usually, a list of discount that can be given is defined by the Administrator and you are limited to only selecting the one you need from the given list. You are not allowed to manually override the system and give custom discounts. However, this permission lets you enter custom discounts. Only Senior Accountant in charge of billing should be given such an option.

10. Complete and Cancel Package
This allows you to manually override the system and mark a Package as complete. It also allows you to forfeit any advance you have received against a Package. This permission should only be given to the Clinic Administrator as manually completing packages or forfeiting advances is not a common practice in any Clinic.

11. Search Past Data
This allows you to search for Past Bills and Payments. This permission should be given to whoever is in charge of Billing for reference.

12. Edit Bill Master Data
This allows you to make edits to Services, Packages, and Inventory Items. This permission should be given to the Clinic Administrator or Center Manager, who are allowed to change pricing for various service items, inventory items and create new packages.

13. Payment Authorizations
Some payments may require approval before they are recognized. For example, payment received by cheque is not available to the Clinic instantly. Instead, it is usually credited to the Clinic bank account after a few days. This permission decides who has the authority to recognize any such payment which needs verification with the bank or with the online statement. This permission should be given to the Senior Accountant or Clinic Manager.

14. Discount Authorizations
This permission allows the user to authorize discounts more than the stipulated discount offered by the clinic. For example: if the Clinic offers a 20% discount as the maximum discount and a user wants to offer a 30% Discount to the Patient. When 30% discount is entered in the Bill screen and Saved, the Bill will remain on hold until it is authorized. The user having this permission can authorize the Bill that is kept on hold. This permission should be given to the Senior Accountant or Clinic Manager.

15. Edit Quotations

This permission allows users to edit quotations that have been previously created but not yet converted to a bill. For example: your clinic is running a promotion under which you have recommended and offered a set of services for a price of $500 but the patient wants some time to think about the offer. The next time the patient visits the clinic and wants to add/remove any service from the offered list then you have the ability to make changes to the quote offered earlier which will be converted to a bill without you having to create a new bill for the agreed services and price.

16. Allow Editing of Print Content
Clinicea allows you to print out various documents such as Invoices, Payment Receipts, Prescriptions, Certificates, etc.. These are set as templates that you can choose when printing out a certain set of information. This permission allows you to make changes to the information before printing. Keep in mind that this does not change the templates set but only the information that is populated in it. With the permission set as ON, the user can edit the information/data that is to be printed. With the permission OFF, editing of information is not allowed.

Updated on: 14/06/2023

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