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What is the function of the various permissions in CallBox

Let us review in detail the permissions for the CallBox Module.

1. View Other Call Center Appointments
This permission is useful if you have more than one contact center operating to manage all your incoming calls. These calls can be from your existing patients or prospects. With the permission ON, the agent is able to view appointments created by other centers as well on the calendar. If the permission is OFF, the agent is unable to view any appointment that may have been created by another agent who belongs to a different center.

2. View EMR Data
This permission allows the agent to view a summary of the patient’s medical records by clicking on the See More option at the time of booking an appointment. Helpful for an Agent if they are booking appointments for patients who require reminders for Chronic Conditions like an Annual Foot Check-up for a diabetic patient. If the permission is OFF, then the agent can view other information like the patient’s past information like last visited date and other non-medical information of the patient.

3. Edit Call Details older than 1 Day
This is a permission which is very useful to maintain data integrity of the calls received or dialed by the agent. If the permission is ON, then the agents are able to make edits to the notes captured on a call which may have been completed at an earlier time but not older than 1 Day. Helpful if the agent would like to add any additional information or make a correction to the notes entered in case if they have missed any. If this is OFF, then no edits are allowed once the call is completed and notes saved.

Updated on: 14/06/2023

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