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What is the function of the various Permissions in Calendar

Let us review in detail the Permissions for the Calendar module.

1. View Appointments of Everyone
It allows the user to view Appointments of all staff in the Clinic. Useful for Clinic Managers and Receptionists, who need to manage the schedule for everyone. Individual Doctors do not need this permission as they only need to see their own appointments. However, in a situation where Appointment needs to be booked against a “Resource” by a Staff even if they do not have the permission to see other Staff Appointments; they will be able to see a ‘**Pink Block**‘ saying ‘**Booked**‘ which will prevent them from making duplicate Appointments for the same slot.

2. Edit Checked Out Appointment
It allows the user to edit an Appointment that has already been checked out. This is useful in situations where you may have made a mistake. For example, the Checked Out Appointment did not have the correct Staff name selected. If you have a Commission Structure in place then these Appointments will need to be edited for the Commission to be accredited to the right Staff. This permission also allows a Staff to drag a ‘Checked Out’ Appointment. (E.g. An Appointment took place on Tuesday at 10:00 am and the Staff dragged it to Wednesday 5:00 pm). Hence this permission should only be restricted to the Administrator or Senior Centre Manager only.

3. Delete Appointment
It allows the user to Delete a scheduled Appointment. The option to Delete an Appointment can be useful in case the user makes a mistake while creating an Appointment. Ideally, this permission can be given to the Receptionist as scheduling of Appointments is their primary task at hand and they should be allowed to fix their mistakes.

4. Appointment Templates
_OPTIONAL: Typically appointment templates (ie appointment color, duration, and reason) are automatically set by Clinicea based on the reason** for the appointment. Sometimes a clinic wants to manually control this for complex scheduling. Only such clinics will see this permission, for others, simply avoid it._

It allows the staff to manually set up Appointment Templates against an appointment.

5. Patient Medical History
_OPTIONAL: This permission will appear only in Clinics which have_ Patient Interactivity** Module enabled.

When this permission is given to a staff, a Patient History Icon appears against each of the Appointments. It allows the Receptionist to open up your Clinic’s Patient Questionnaire on a Computer or Tablet and request the Patient to fill it out before the Consultation can start.

6. Patient Feedback
_OPTIONAL:** This permission will appear only in Clinics which have_ Patient Interactivity Module _enabled**.

When this permission is given to a staff, a Patient Feedback Icon will appear against each Appointment whose status is Checked Out. Once saved the “_Feedback_” can be viewed by clicking on the icon but it cannot be edited.

the idea is that after a Patient’s visit is completed, it allows Clinic Staff to request Patients’ for feedback about their experience at the Clinic. This permission should be given to a Receptionist or a Patient Care Coordinator who is in charge of the waiting area.

7. Patient Home Visit
_OPTIONAL:** This permission will appear only in Clinics that have specifically purchased the_ Home Visits Module.

Updated on: 14/06/2023

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