Steps to NABIDH (Network & Analysis Backbone for Integrated Dubai Health) certification

Step 1Reach Out
You need to fill up the online readiness assessment form on the link here

Step 2Email
This needs to be filled in by the clinic and shared with the DHA. Once you do this and receive a reply, please let us know. We will then email DHA on your behalf with the following information

_Hello There,

We want to start the integration process. Following is the information to start with.
Facility ID: xxx
Facility Name: xxx
Unique Patient count in last 12m: xxx
Total Encounter count in last 6m: xxx
Please let us know the next steps._

Your name_

Step 3Sign Contract with DHA
Clinic / medical facility sign an agreement with DHA. This mainly defines all the roles and responsibilities of both involved parties before onboarding. Here's the link to access the agreement NABIDH_DHA Data Sharing Agreement

Step 4Test EMR connectivity
Test EMR’s connection via NABIDH’s developer portal. This is to test your medical data that has been sent to NABIDH.

Step 5Final Launch
Once your EMR is successfully connected, DHA would be assigning your facility a suitable launch date. As part of our planned launch, every onboarded facility would be assigned to different waves as per their technical readiness and would be launched on specific dates.

Updated on: 19/06/2023

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