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How to setup Advanced Source in Patients & Leads

Sometimes you need to capture multiple sources for your Lead/Patient. This too is possible in Clinicea. Let me show you how.

Goto Tools |Organization | Select your clinic | Clinical Preferences | "You can have client source across multiple levels....".

Now goto Tools | Dropdowns. There are 3 different sources to fill i.e. City, Publication and the AdTye. The source are a hierarchy, so what you fill in City, can be used to filter Publications, and then once you select the Publication you can select the AdType.

1st Level: City

For Item: enter the City name

2nd Level: Publication

For Item: enter the Publication name

For Value: Enter the city you had entered in the 1st Level

3rd Level: Ad Type

For Item: enter the Ad Type name

Once configured you can see the changes on the Patient > Add New as well as the CRM > Add New page.

New Patient:

New Lead:

Updated on: 05/06/2023

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