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How to setup a strong password

You may want to secure access to your clinic by ensuring all users use a strong, difficult-to-break password. This can be setup in Clinicea with a click. Let me show you how.

Go to Tools | Organization | select your Organization | select Security under Preferences on the Organization Details page.

Now, in the Security Settings page, go to Advance Security Settings and set the Preference: Enforce strong password for all users as '**Yes'**, then click on Save.

Note: You need to follow the criteria for the strong password already mentioned there while setting your password.

You will be automatically directed to the Organization Details page, now click on Save. A signout is also required for the change to take place, so just Log-Out and Log-In to your account again.

Click on your Clinicea Account Name in the top right corner and select My Profile.


On your Staff Details page, go to the Security section. Here you can set a Strong Password for your Clinicea Account by meeting the Password Criteria, thus making it more secure.

As you type, you will get feedback as to whether the typed password meets the criteria or not.

Finally, click on Save, then Log-Out and Log-In with your new Strong Password.

Updated on: 14/06/2023

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