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How to set up Apple Calendar/iCloud sync

If you want to add your Clinicea calendar to your Calendar on your Mac, you’ll need to follow the steps in this help article to get your calendar URL first.

Note: To make a subscription push to other devices, you must first subscribe to the calendar on your Mac. If you subscribe to the calendar on your iOS device, iCloud won’t push it to your other devices. You also cannot set up this connection from Read more from Apple here.

Then, head to your Calendar and follow these steps:

Click File > New Calendar Subscription.

This will open a window with a field to enter the Clinicea URL you had copied earlier.

Once you’ve pasted in the URL, click ‘Subscribe’.

This will bring up an options screen for you to configure your subscription. If you want your calendar to be on all your Apple devices, select ‘iCloud‘ under Location, or ‘On this Mac‘ if you only want the calendar available on that computer. Change the ‘ Auto-refresh‘ to ‘Every 15 minutes‘ for the best sync speeds.

Click OK.

It may take a few seconds, but the calendar will be added to your Apple Calendar. You should also see it on your Apple devices if you selected ‘iCloud‘ under Location.

Updated on: 16/06/2023

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