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How to search in Address Book

The Address Book is a repository of all Contacts for your clinic. Clinicea lets you create search filters, and mass-communicate with them, through the AddressBook.

For example, Let us assume, your clinic wants to search and make contact with all of the external/referring doctors, to make them aware of a new Initiative/Program at your Clinic.

Let us have a look at how to filter your search in AddressBook and then SMS all of them about the new initiative at your Clinic:

1. Go to Tools | Address Book | Search. You can perform a search by using the following filter options.

2. You can search by Name for any particular contact. Ex: Dr. John.

3. Search by category i.e. Clinics, External Doctors, Vendors. ex: select External Doctors, to confine the search to external doctors only and click on the search button.

Send out your customized SMS to all the Contacts.

Updated on: 05/06/2023

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