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How to obtain a Sender ID for sending SMS's

When sending SMS's you may want use a sender ID ex: Health Wellness Clinic may want to send all SMS using the sender ID: HEALTHWELLNESS. Sender ID's are issued by your telecom provider. Clinicea can help with the process of procuring the same for you.

Process of procuring the Sender ID is as follows:

a. Fill up the information below and share with us on

b. Once we get it, we will generate the necessary paperwork and share the same with you for signing.

c. Upon receipt of signed documents, we will submit the same with the SMS gateway provider

d. The gateway provider will in turn contact the telecom provider and request a Sender ID.

e. Once the sender ID is available, Clinicea will configure it in your account.

All the information listed below is mandatory. Email this to us

1. Sender’s Legal Company or Business Name:______________________________

2. Sender’s Mailing Address: __________________________

3. Company Website:______________________________

4. Business Registration Number / Unique Entity ID: __________________________

5. Full Name of Authorized Signatory:______________________________

6. Title/Designation of Authorized Signatory:______________________________

7. Alphanumeric Sender ID: __________________________


Enter between 2 - 11 characters that represents the brand identity of the Sender. You can include upper- and lower-case letters, the numbers 0 - 9, and spaces.

Include at least one letter.

Do not use ASCII special characters (e.g. #, @).

For India, the Sender ID must be exactly 6 characters.

8. Specify whether you will send SMS text messages domestically or internationally.

Choices are: Domestic, International, International & Domestic


Updated on: 05/06/2023

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