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How to group Clinics into Circles

When you have multiple Clinics as part of your group, you may want to have a consolidated view of Clinics based on their geographical location. This can be done easily in Clinicea by putting all clinics that need grouping under a Circle.

For Example, You have Clinics in Delhi, Mumbai, and Kolkata. Clinics in and around the city Delhi can be grouped together in one circle named Delhi Circle. Let us see how we can do this:

1. Go to Tools | Dropdowns | Organization Circles.

Enter the Item name and click on the + button to add a circle.

2. Now, Go to Tools | Organization | Select the clinic name and open the Organization Details screen.

3. Select the Circle name from the drop-down list. Ex: Delhi Circle

4. Click on Save.

Now that the Circle is saved, you can use it to provide granular access. Suppose you are a clinic chain with clinics in the east coast of US as well as the west coast. You can now create a circle called “East Coast”, assign all the clinics in New York and DC in that circle, and then allocate it to the Regional Manager for East Coast under his Staff Profile. The manager will now be able to view reports of all the clinics that belong to a particular circle.

Updated on: 05/06/2023

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