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How to create a Customized Login page

Clinicea gives you the option to create your own customized login page. A customized login page will have your Clinic’s image, website, and email. This can be incorporated into your clinic’s website.

Please follow the steps below to customize your login screen:

1. Go to Tools | Organisation. Select the organization and open the Organisation Details screen. Before you start, please fill in all the necessary information like phone no., email address and website details.

2. Click on the box which says Upload Clinic Logo under Create Your Custom Login Page.

3. A new window named Upload Document appears. Click on Browse to add the Clinic’s logo or simply drag and drop on this page and that is it**.** Your Clinic Logo is now ready. Click on Save

4. Next setup your preferred button color for the Login page. Try to choose the same color as exists in your logo. Click on the color picker, and choose your desired color. Once selected, click anywhere on the screen. Your color is now selected.

5. Next, enter your clinic name without spaces or special characters. Click on Create My Page.

6. That is it. You can click on the link under Your Personalized Login Page to open the custom login page you just created.

7. This will open a new tab on your browser with the Customized Login Page to Clinicea.

This is how you can create your Clinic’s completely customized login page. You can also link up this custom URL to a Login link on your own website. This way your Patients and Staff always get to see your branding and your logo instead of Clinicea’s. This process is also called white-labeling. Talk to Clinicea Support if you need help setting this up.

Updated on: 05/06/2023

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