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How can I backup my database

Clinicea is a Cloud based system. All of your Clinic's data is backed up in triplicate using real-time snapshot technology. These backups are stored in Microsoft Azure data centers only. No one else, not even the Clinicea team members get access to this data. The backed-up data is always kept encrypted. It is deleted periodically as part of regular maintenance.

The entire operation is automated, so the chance of human error leading to loss of data is 0%. You need not have to worry about your data.

However if you still want to back up your data for various reasons, you can do so too.

_Note_: If backing up your data manually, do realize that your entire patient list will be in open un-secure files with no permission control. Secure it thoroughly.

Let me address backup scenarios:

Patient wants a copy of their entire data
Open patient's EMR. Click on download medical summary. You will get a zip file of all attachments along with a medical summary in pdf. Share this with the patient.

Clinic wants a copy of the critical data
You can also export almost all aspects of your data and keep it locally if required. To do so, identify the report data you want to backup and click export. Save the file locally in csv/excel format. Please keep the files secure.

Note: All of the medical data cannot be exported in bulk. Some of it is confidential. To export the entire medical data of a patient, you need to go to the specific patient and export as explained in Step 1.

Clinic wants to shift out of Clinicea
If you want to shift out of Clinicea and need all your data just send us a request on We will prepare it for you and send you everything we have on file within 14 days of the request.

Updated on: 05/06/2023

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